Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day Three: Cookie Week & Working Out

So I did work out tonight too, even though my schedule is crazy because, it is Tuesday.  And Tuesday is TV NIGHT!!  Yeah... okay so this is my Monday Night Football if the Cowboys were winning. Hehe... yeah.

So of course there is Glee - Fabulous! (do you hear me singing that?  Because I do every time I type it)  Then here is One Tree Hill (which I will have to watch later because I'm baking blondies and need to do my Bible Study before...) Sons of Anarchy, which tonight is the 90 minute finale.

Yeah.  So my nails are looking better but that praying without ceasing was a fail today.  I remembered every once in a while and then I was sucked into whatever it was I was working on.  Will need to try again later.

So the Blondie recipe tomorrow!  Sorry so short, but like I said, TV NIGHT!!!  You can celebrate with me too.

Much Love,

Okay, okay the music, the music.

I still love this mashup.

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