About Restored Sunshine's Girl

Who Is Kelli?

I think we're close enough that I can whisper this in your ear: I find potty humor hilarious. And thus I will begin my introduction. I am the eldest of four girls, so you can start playing the violin music for my dad now. Currently I work two jobs, one at a website firm, CommXTech, and the other as a showroom coordinator for a bathroom and kitchen gallery. I have mad people skills.

My parents both love music, in fact my dad was a drummer in a band for a long time, and then became a booking agent, from there he created software for those booking agents. Oh yes, blatant advertising.  All that to say, music is in my blood.  That is why I rarely post without a song at the end.  Don't click on the music topic, almost every post will show up.

Favorite Movies: Count of Monte Cristo, Big Fish, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Penelope, Pillow Talk, Move Over Darling, Meet Me in St. Louis, Sound of Music, Connie and Carla, Rebecca, Young Frankenstein, We Were Soldiers, Down Periscope, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Princess Bride, Sugar and Spice, Magic of Ordinary Days, The Saint, and Sum of All Fears... to name a few.

Favorite TV Shows: Current - Once Upon a Time, Mike & Molly, The Closer, Ringer, White Collar, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, CSI: New York, One Tree Hill, Big Bang Theory, The Office, Bones, and Psych. Past - Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Veronica Mars, I Love Lucy, Perry Mason, X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, and I Dream of Jeannie.

Music: The Rolling Stones, The Who, Foo Fighters, and Billy Joel (not necessarily in that order).

 Current Favorite Song:

This song has been my favorite song for over a year now. 

I'm Running
by: Mistress Barbara ft. Sam Roberts