Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day Three: Cookie Week & Working Out

So I did work out tonight too, even though my schedule is crazy because, it is Tuesday.  And Tuesday is TV NIGHT!!  Yeah... okay so this is my Monday Night Football if the Cowboys were winning. Hehe... yeah.

So of course there is Glee - Fabulous! (do you hear me singing that?  Because I do every time I type it)  Then here is One Tree Hill (which I will have to watch later because I'm baking blondies and need to do my Bible Study before...) Sons of Anarchy, which tonight is the 90 minute finale.

Yeah.  So my nails are looking better but that praying without ceasing was a fail today.  I remembered every once in a while and then I was sucked into whatever it was I was working on.  Will need to try again later.

So the Blondie recipe tomorrow!  Sorry so short, but like I said, TV NIGHT!!!  You can celebrate with me too.

Much Love,

Okay, okay the music, the music.

I still love this mashup.

Strawberry Gooey Butter Cookies

As I said last night I made the first cookie for the 12 Days Of Cookies! Instead of Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies I used strawberry.

A couple of things to note:
  1. If you don't like cookies that are over-sweet these are perfect if you forget to roll them in powder sugar before you bake them.  They taste good, but not sweet.  Now, I have a sweet tooth that borders on obsessive so they weren't my favorites, but my mom loved them.
  2. If you do like yours sweet, please roll them in powdered sugar like I did on the second and third batch.  They were absolutely perfect.
  3. It is a very thick dough.  My mixer told me I could forget it.  So I ended up mixing the remaining part by hand with a spoon who would've also liked to tell me to go away.
Here is the Recipe for

Strawberry Gooey Butter Cookies:

1 (8-ounce) brick cream cheese, room temperature
1 stick butter, at room temperature
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 (18-ounce) box moist strawberry cake mix
Confectioners' sugar, for dusting


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In a large bowl with an electric mixer, cream the cream cheese and butter until smooth. Beat in the egg. Then beat in the vanilla extract. Beat in the cake mix. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours to firm up so that you can roll the batter into balls. Roll the chilled batter into tablespoon sized balls and then roll them in confectioner's sugar. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet, 2 inches apart. Bake 12 minutes. The cookies will remain soft and "gooey." Cool completely and sprinkle with more confectioners' sugar, if desired.

* remember to roll the little guys in the sugar, unless your like my mother who doesn't have much of a sweet tooth.

I haven't decided if I'm going to do another cookie tonight or not.  I probably should though...

Much Love,

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day Two: Strawberry vs. Chocolate

So I did work out this evening.  After I made the batter for my cookies.  That's what I call a balanced life.  Today's work out was a little harder than yesterdays, that is for sure.

So, today is the first day of the 12 Days of Cookies.  And the first one up is Paula's Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies.  They looked delicious.  The only issue was that I didn't have chocolate cake mix.  And my mother doesn't really like chocolate.  However, we did have a strawberry cake mix.  And my mother does like stawberry.  So voila.  I haven't made them yet, just the batter.

It called for two hours in the fridge.  I don't have time for that so its an hour in the freezer.  I hope it all comes out good.  I'll have it posted tomorrow one way or another.

And today once I gave my permission to not worry about certain things I went on and it was actually a really nice day!  So good day.

I do have some prayers for this week, but either way it will be fine.  At least that's what I'm praying for!

Much love,

As if I would leave you without music!

Need A Little Christmas

It is day two of my challenge, but since I'm still at work I haven't been able to accomplish some of my personal goals.  Although I'm trying this praying without ceasing businesses.  Sometimes I forget, but then I remember again.

So, I'll have more information about my day two tonight versus right at this moment.  At this moment I'm thinking how wonderful the Christmas season is and how much I am not feeling it right now.  Which is a shame.  I think I'm going to start decorating tonight, I'm sure that will help.

I also have this desire to bake, but Shas's birthday is not until Thursday (I'm hoping to make red velvet cupcakes - if I could pull of purple I would since that is her favorite color, but we'll see.)  So I need to conserve my money for that.  However, that doesn't stop the desire to make the cookies that sound good from the 12 Days of Cookies from Food Network. (PS I so got Paula's cookies in my inbox but Food Network says Nigella is up first...)

All of that to say that this song,

We Need A Little Christmas
by Johnny Mathis

The reason this one gets me into the spirit is because of this line, "Because I've grown a little leaner, grown a little colder, grown a little sadder, and grown a little older so I need a little Christmas."

I'll post my favorite Christmas song later, but if you need a little Christmas come join me.  I might even make cookies!

Much Love,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day One: Nails & Working Out

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". - Albert Einstein.

For weeks now that quote has been playing around in my head.  i keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  This is true of nearly every aspect of my life, and if I want something to change, I must change.  This is not easy for me as I, like many, am a creature of habit.  I also have this terrible desire to have things change for me instead of me doing it for myself.  I do have a lazy side when it comes to things I don't want to do.

However, my life is in some what of a rut, and some that is on me.  So, I need to do different things.  I need to make a change.  So, this is day one.

This is what I'm changing:
  • Trust in the Lord.  Real trust.  I'm adopting the attitude that no matter what may be thrown at me God will work it out.  I obviously can't do it and worrying about it hasn't helped, so He can take over now.  He's in charge of moving me, inspiring me, and getting me where I need to be.  I, in return, will be open to His calling and voice.  My nails will be a visual reminder of that trust.  Because when I'm nervous or worried I bite them.
  • Working out.  It is ridiculous that I don't do it.  No, I probably won't get the results I want because of my hormone level, but I can at least be doing everything on my part to to be healthy.  So, no more excuse.  Crazy elliptical that makes me want to pass out at minute two here I come.
  • Writing.  I love writing and there is an article I want to write.  I need to do that now.  No excuse.
I think that is about all I can handle for now, but it certainly is a list.

So much love to all of you.  Oh and for confession's sake I did bite a nail today until I remembered I'm no longer doing that. Oops.

Okay, now much love,

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Different Focus

Yeah.... so, for me right now my financial situation isn't what I want it to be.  It's to the point where it is what I focus much of my thought towards because everything you want to do takes money.  I'm so sick of being broke and discussing it that I want to scream.  So, I need to focus my energy on something else.  Some people focus on vegetable gardens, others Farmville, and still others focus on collecting buttons.  I know we are to put our focus on Jesus, this isn't about that, this is something that I can tangibly do when the need to obsess over this brokenness gets to be too much.

So, I 've decided to focus on... my nails.  Vain perhaps, but they are something that are always with me (at least I would hope so!), and they are a visual reminder to quit focusing on the bad stuff.  On the other hand I have the worst nails possible.  And, okay, a BIG confession I like to bite my nails.  That's right, bite.  I feel no shame and I feel no guilt, for the record.  So, perhaps if I focus on keeping my nails pretty, and maybe one day longer than they currently are I can accomplish two goals: quit focusing on this hard time in my life and have pretty nails when it gets better.

I will get a picture of my nails so you see I'm not joking in how bad they are, and I will begin a goal. 

I just want to say if you too are going through a rough time that I'm there with you and I pray we all get through this better than expected. 

Much love,

PS: I used to love this song and I still play it occasionally when I'm feeling kinda low and it does make me feel better:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

So the chances of me actually getting on my computer are slim to none, so I thought I would take today to wish you all a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

So as you can guess I dedicated my Top 5 to it today.  And I'm putting the Top 5 here for you to listen and enjoy.

When I Get Where I'm Going
by Brad Paisley

I love Thanksgiving. I love spending time with my family and I also like to give thanks for all that I've been blessed with. I chose this song because I think of my grandma who has passed and I think of friends who have lost loved ones this year. May God bless you and keep you safe this holiday season. Thank you Jesus, for your love.

by My Chemical Romance

* Lyrics Warning

So for the rest of the countdown I picked songs that, as a family, we enjoy together. Yes I did thank Jesus in the above statement and this song has a curse word in it. We believe in being honest. Now sing it with us!

Total Eclipse of the Heart
by Bonnie Tyler

80's song: check
Slightly cheesy: check
Great song: check

There is a reason this is a classic and yes we sing it with no shame.

Road to Nowhere
by Talking Heads

This song plays at the end of one of the best movies ever, Little Monsters with Fred Savage and Howie Mandel. Family favorite. Us girls loved the movie and the song was cool and Dad knew the song. Now it is a requirement for all road trips.

Boy Named Sue
by Johnny Cash

My dad's love of Johnny Cash is legendary and is only matched by my sister's love of him. The love affairs isn't only with those two the whole family likes him. And we all sing this song when we hear it.

I hope you have a most blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving. If you're ever in the area and need a friend our door is open.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Confessions & Covers

I have a confession to make.  I love covers.  Not covers of books (although some of those are cool) or DVD covers (same as the books), but music covers.  I can't explain it as I used to hate them.  I was always for the original, and some what of a purist, so I didn't like them.  Then, something happened, I don't know when or where, but suddenly I was in love with covers.

Did you know in my family that most of the women married men they didn't like at first?  Of course you wouldn't know that, unless you were in my family, but for the record that is the case.  My Grandma Kansas only dated my grandpa because her best friend was dating his best friend, but after the friends broke up my grandma decided that she did kind of like him.  They were married for 49 years and 364 days before she died.

My Grandma Oklahoma didn't really like my grandpa either, but she thought he was cute.  They've been married for fifty-one years!  When my parents met my dad had left my mom a 23 cent tip, all in pennies too. (Can't forget that detail!)  They went on a date when my mom was 16 and she came home and told my grandma she was going to marry him.  And as you know from yesterday they've been married now 30 years.

All that to tell you the fact that I didn't like covers before and now I love them shows that this affair will probably go on for quite some time.  Maybe forever.  Of course you can't have covers without originals, and I haven't left them behind.  And like the fabulous original a great cover always brings something new to the table.

Wow, that was a long intro for telling you I heard this great cover of Sarah McLachlan's "Possession"  It is by Evan Blue.  Take a listen:

Monday, November 22, 2010

Speaking of Giving Thanks

So today my incredible parents celebrate 30 years of marriage, which is incredible.  I know how blessed I am to have parents that are still happily married and have been such amazing parents.  So, much like a birthday I had to create a Top 5 to celebrate this Big Deal Occasion:

You Never Even Call Me By My Name
by David Allen Coe

Today my parents celebrate 30 years of marriage. So, of course, I needed to dedicate my Top 5 to them. Believe it or not this is "their" song. This starts to explain a few things about me doesn't it? Actually the fact that this is their song shows how cool they are.

by Kiss

As I stated on my dad's birthday he only likes two slow songs. This is the other. For one it was written by the drummer, which my dad is a drummer. In fact on my the day of my actual birth he was playing a gig in Detroit. So my mom always teases my dad he wants a girl like Beth. I think he found her. :P

Remember When
by Alan Jackson

Finding other songs for this remarkable couple is tough. Beth was for my dad so this one is for my mom. I think it is a very sweet song myself and something I hope to have some day.

Oh How the Years Go By
by Amy Grant

As the daughter, the first born, I chose this song. It reminds me of my childhood and the evenings spent at the dinner table, and the summers spent in California where Dad was working. It reminds me of how great my paretns are, how loving they are to us girls and each other. I was blessed with incredible parents and a remarkable childhood. So Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Here's to 30 more years!

You Never Even Call Me By My Name
by David Allen Coe

I couldn't decide if I wanted to play this at the beginning or the end of the countdown and then I thought why not both? Besides this is their song. It should be played more than once.

Much love and happiness to you my wonderful parents and to th rest of you out there!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Because this week has been particularly tough for me I thought I would recount some of the conversations that happened to me this week:

Salesman: Can I speak with So&So
Me: I'm sorry he's not available right at the moment can I take a message or help you?
Salesman: Oh no I can just leave him my information.
Me: Okay, what is it?
Salesman: Can I just fax you my info?
Me: We don't use the fax.
Salesman: Oh wow really?  That's odd.  I'll just call back at a later time.
Me: Okay, no problem.

My thoughts: We are a tech company.  It is 2010.  Who uses faxes?  Furthermore who uses faxes to fax over their information?  And finally I'm the odd one because I don't use fax?  I guess I could've told him that he could tweet us if that made him feel better....


Message: Yes, I need to speak to So&So and I thought they would've called me back, but I guess they can only do that if you gave them my message. I wanted to learn more about your stuff so if you could email the specs to me I'd appreciate it, but if you're not capable of that then you can fax me.

My thoughts: So the first guy was weirded out that I didn't use a fax and the second guy didn't think I was capable of email?  Again we are a TECH company.  It is 2010.  Who uses fax?  Why didn't they read the email I sent them with the appropriate links (I double checked)?  Finally, I did give So&So the message, but he was still busy.  Actually this guy called three times in the span of five minutes, which I was in the restroom, and he dialed my direct number....


Me: This is Kelli can I help you?
Same Guy As Above Message: Yeah, I did get those specs, but I didn't read it and wondered if you could just tell me about.
Me: Sure... blah blah blah

My Thoughts: Really?  I mean really?

And this was my week....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

To The Greatest Dad Ever

Today is my dad's birthday.  This is a tribute to him:

Kickstart My Heart
by Motley Crue

Coming up with five songs for you was tough, not because I couldn't think of any but because I could think of too many. There were several Motley Crue songs to choose from, but I chose this one because this line in the song, "Years gone by I say we've kicked some ass... I say we're still kicking ass." I certainly think you are still awesome and I think you'll be badass no matter the age.

Sing, Sing, Sing
by Benny Goodman

Because you do love Big Band music and you've passed that love on to all of us. Again there were many to choose from from, but I chose this one because it is timeless like you, has a range of musical variations like you, and its popular because it is that good. Just like you.

For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
by AC/DC

When it was my birthday you dedicated AC/DC to me, so I could do no less. As someone who always rock we, everyone who knows and loves you, salute you today on your birthday. Thank you for being so amazing.

He Stopped Loving Her Today
by George Jones

My dad only likes two slow songs and this is one of them. So I had to include it on this countdown...

I'll never forget hearing this song blasting out of your radio at work and shocked because it was such a slow song.

Small Town
by John Mellencamp

Because my dad was born in a small town and grew up in a small town. I don't know what song describes you more perfectly than this song. And although we no longer live there we are grateful to have it in our lives, just like I'm grateful to have you as a daddy. I can say with all confidence you are the best dad ever!

I hope you have a most blessed birthday and the best year of your life yet.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pears & Crackers

It's a good thing this blog isn't about food otherwise you would be horrified.  Today I'm going to give you an example of why because I have this bizarre need to confess if for nothing else than to horrify others and or find out I'm not alone.

Today for lunch I had pears (from a can - light syrup) and club crackers.  I haven't had my pickle yet but rest assured I will not be forgetting that.  Today has actually turned out to be a good despite the fact it started off with a rocky attitude.  It hasn't been the easiest time lately.

However, as much as I wanted to play sad songs on my countdown today I couldn't.  I just couldn't.  So I decided to pick myself up and play happy songs.  Well songs that make me happy.  Songs that had a good theme to them anyway.

You see this song did appear in the Disney movie, Oliver & Company, but you see this song, this one below, it features the voice of Billy Joel.  And I'm a sucker for Billy Joel. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sometimes It Is Worth It

Yesterday was a tough day.  I went to a funeral of a man who was a deacon in our church.  A good man.  I teach two of his grandchildren in my Sunday school class.  And then, as life is so famous for doing, my brakes started making an awful sound.  I don't have the money for repairs.  I literally do not have the money for repairs.  Never the less I'm leaning on the good Lord to help me because that is the only way this is all going to work out.

So, what is worth it?  A blue cheese burger from OC Burgers.  I don't like onions or lettuce and I hate tomatoes actually in or on my food.  They can be beside it or near it, but they can't be on it or in it (raw tomatoes that is).  So, when I order the blue cheese burger all I get is meat and cheese, and let me tell you, best burger ever.  And I live in Texas and have had some delicious burgers.  Now since my taste buds seem to change at least once a month I don't know that I will be saying this in the month of December, but for the month of November, best burger ever.

Sometimes forgetting for two minutes all the pressure you have on you is a good thing.  I had a great lunch, I didn't obsess over what I was eating, and I will eat light for dinner, not a big deal, and my craving satisfied.  I hope you find something that is is worth it to you this weekend.

Much love,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I know that I've spoken on here before about how much I hate confrontation.  It makes my heart race, I start shaking, it's not pretty.  It is also not very intimidating when you see a person's eye twitch and they're shaking worse than your standard chihuahua pet.

So, it should come as no surprise that after I made that declaration that there would be numerous things I would need to confront.  I got another one today.  These are more on the professional end than they are on the personal end so to handle it requires a different approach, but my reaction to having to confront seems to be the same.

I do have two things on my side though: God and my desire to quit being taken advantage of.  I'm a nice person, I like to help people, and I bend over backwards to do a great job.  Lately though instead of getting a thank you (which I do like) I've been getting attitude and demands.  Now my first instinct is to stop being nice, to stop helping people more readily and to do only the minimum necessary.  However, that doesn't reflect well on me, and I don't like that option.  Why should others suffer because a few are jerks.

Because I've chosen to approach this in a biblical way: approach the offender with the offense, I am now in confrontations I don't want to be in.  I know that this is teaching me for things that are coming up and the more I do it, correctly and for the right reasons, the better for me it will be.

Until then of course I will continue to shake, much like the dog.

Of course this post begs for a anthem so here it is:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Incredible Truth

I don't know about you, but when God is teaching me lessons and I'm learning about Him and how things work he usually starts with something small. Then I start to hear or see whatever it is everywhere. Today was no different.

Now my frustration with teaching Sunday school is well known. Most of it due to the fact that I'm not sure how to engage kids ranging from 2nd to 5th grade. And it can be difficult when you have to discipline, but not really disciplining them as you would if you were their school teacher.

So, of course I've entertained the idea of quitting. To not let it be part of my life, to not have to deal with the frustration and difficulty that it brings. However, it is not in my nature to quit. After I made the decision to not quit, but to keep going and perhaps see this as an opportunity I came to realize that the idea was not my own.

God has placed me in this position and it is to my best interest to see it as an opportunity He has provided for me to move on to the next step (whenever/wherever that might take place). This thought/idea gave me great comfort, gave me a goal, something to work for.

Then, just as I was about at my wit's end again, he brought this message from Andy Stanley that summed up exactly what God had been telling me. You can view the whole sermon series here:  http://www.northpoint.org/messages The whole series has been incredible, but the 4th one was the one I heard today.

So, thank you God, this was very much appreciated.

Love to you all!

Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8th

I forgot to use this song in my countdown today on Artist Avail and I feel horrible.

This is for them:

Friday, November 5, 2010

L's Birthday Music

At any time any of my loved ones have a birthday I think of five songs that remind me of them and then post why those songs do.  Today is my sister L.'s birthday.

Here are hers:

by Aerosmith

So today is dedicated to my sister, L. I chose this song because her and I used to create dances for songs like 'Down on the Corner' by CCR or 'I'll Be Sailing' by Rod Stewart. This was our massive dance because this song was so long. We had a lot of good times. This is to her.

Crazy On You
by Heart

Right now Alone is probably her favorite Heart song, but it wasn't long ago when this was. You always know when Lora is getting ready and if there isn't at least one female power voice coming through the speakers something isn't right. Plus I love singing this song with her in the car.

Worst Day Since Yesterday
by Flogging Molly

L. and I have a lot of music in common, but we always seem to take opposite sides of things in the best way possible. For example I'm a Dropkick Murphys fan and L. is Flogging Molly. Same type of music in different ways and bands. Plus this song has a great sense of humor to it that L. has always possessed.

Man in Black
by Johnny Cash

I'll never forget when Johnny Cash died because of L. She just fell in love with him as an artist and what he stood for. And for his incredible awesomeness. L. is like Johnny Cash that way, so I chose this song because we get to hear what Johnny thought of life and I believe L. has a lot in common with that thought.

Me and Bobby McGee
by Janis Joplin

To be fair the whole family loves this song, but to hear L. sing it is a real treat. Especially when we're on a road trip and we are all singing this at the top of our lungs.

Happy Birthday to my first sister, you are forever the epitome of coolness with that great streak of bad-assness that only you can pull off.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

That Little Red Flag

It has been my experience that God does not introduce a new lesson to me unless it will be applied sometime soon.  Last night's Beth Moore lecture was on listening to my spiritual gut.  The one that tells me when something is not right.  Now, my mother has always told us girls that we better listen to that voice and, I certainly try to.

And so today I actually need to use it.  I won't go into the details but suffice it to say it is a potential client and I seriously think they are trying to pull a fast one over me.  No worries though.  I'll decline the job.  Owners listen up, even if you need the money, in the most desperate way possible, if the job is going to cost you in your sanity, peace of mind, or more than you are being paid decline it.  It's okay.  Because no dollar amount is worth any of that headache.  Now, we all know that sometimes clients can be a pain, but you know the ones that are going to cost you more than you're willing to give.  If you don't, ask a trusted woman.

On the other hand if you need therapy for your current client, who most of the time you like, there is always this: http://clientsfromhell.net/  It makes you feel so much better.

Oh, and if you are having trouble with your shoes Shine has a great article full of help.  You can read it here: http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/beauty/8-ways-to-make-shoes-more-comfortable-2401699

Love to you all!

My horrible addiction: Gaby videos about Daley.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Um... Yeah

So the irritation got to me.  I had someone actually email me to call them.  I can't even begin to factor in all the layers of where this is messed up.  The worst part?  This is the second one I received.  Which makes me think the person on the other line has never used a phone before and can't call me, and thus begs the question, why should I be talking to them now?  I'm going to of course, but I'm trying to get my irritation under control.

Do you need a moment?  You can have one here.  I understand.

I'm a ridiculously political person.  However, I have kept mum on it here for a variety reasons.  All I have to say is that those who have been newly elected better make strides, and at least show they are working hard to change some of this.  Otherwise I have no idea what to do or say.  There, I've vented that out too.

Seriously, do you need to have a moment?  You can have one here.  I dont' mind.

Now I'm singing at the top of my lungs.  Does that make you feel better?  It makes me feel better.

This is what I'm singing right now:

Want to sing at the top of your lungs too?  You can do so here.  I understand.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cold, Rainy, and Time to Vote

So here in my home town it is raining and cold.  The perfect weather for this election?  I think so.

I'm sure most of you have heard about how Oprah is banning the word, b!&@h, from her network.  Although I am not an Oprah fan I really hope this happens.  What surprises me is the number of negative comments about her doing so.  What has happened that using that word was a good thing?  As if calling each other that name will take the sting out of it?

So not much going on here.  I'm super bummed that the San Francisco Giants won against the Rangers, but I'm so glad that the Rangers made it to the World Series.  And that's my sports talk until the Superbowl.

Until then I've been listening to and watching this gem.  Incredible.

"Winter Song"
Sara Bareilles - Winter Song (with Ingrid Michaelson)

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Month, New Week, and It's Monday

So, I hit my snooze alarm three times this morning.  That means I slept in an extra 30 minutes.  I did not want to face this week.  However, I needed to get up and did.  My reward?  Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 7 finale. Vincent D'Onofrio as Robert Goren is just magic.  Magic I tell you! (I'm shaking my fist at the sky in case you can't see that.)

I had a fabulous weekend.  I got ready for the party, looked great (picture to follow) and then they cancelled.  I was disappointed, but all was not lost.  I called up my bff, asked her to take pity on me, she did and we got spend the next three hours together just her and me.  I had a blast.

(Just don't analyze the background I was in a hurry.)

Then yesterday was even better.  Church was good, came up with an idea that I think might work, and I got to see some great friends.  A high school friend of mine, Jenni, and her daughter, came by as they were in town.  I haven't seen her since we graduated.  Such a joy.  Then, my bff, her sister, brother-in-law, and their adorable 6 month old came and we went trick or treating around the block.  Seriously an amazing weekend.

I have so much to share with you as part of this project I'm working on, but I haven't had a chance to put it all together yet.  So look for that coming soon.

Love to you all and I hope you have a most blessed month!