Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Ponytail

I have a deep desire to wear the perfect ponytail.  I didn't always have this obsession, until the premiere of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  It's true.  At the end of the season Buffy wore a leather jacket, and my quest for the perfect ponytail began.


The picture may be a little blurry but you get the idea.  I've tried for years to duplicate it, but it has still remained elusive.

And then I saw Brenda Lee Johnson's ponytail from The Closer.  And again I set off on a new ideal, something else to try...

This one I know requires a curling iron, which I don't have time for during the work week, but still... it just never quites get there.

And finally there is this one. From Haley James Scott in Season 4 of One Tree Hill....

And yet no...

Maybe I just need someone to show me how. Or get a stylist to do it.  However, I don't think my quest for the perfect ponytail will stop any time soon.

My question to you is, what beauty trick eludes you?  Or have you been able to conquer it, and please share with me!!

Cooler Than Me
by: Mike Posner

Much Love,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

To Keep Moving

I did something today that hurt. It still hurts.  I had to tell my co-pastor that I had to step down as a Sunday school teacher.  The look on his face made it nearly impossible to keep the tears at bay because this isn't something I want to do, but it is something I need to do.  I love my church family. I'm not leaving, leaving, but I will no longer be there on Sunday mornings.

My church doesn't have a big singles group, in fact I am the only single girl there (at my age).  And even in my own social circle I am the only single girl.  I need people in my life who are where I am, and I can't find that in my current circumstances.  I would like to meet someone special, but if I don't that's okay too. I do, however, want to meet other singles who are my age.  More importantly other Christian singles.

My church family is like my real family. I love them dearly.  I will still be there for Wednesday night Bible Study, and our Ninevite Outreach Program, but the time has come to go on. It isn't an easy decision, and not one I would make on my own.  However, I had three separate sources who said the exact same thing to me, and not one of them speaks to the other.

I guess I'm posting this to not only help with the pain of it, but to also encourage you. If there is a comfort zone you are being asked to move away from I'm there with you.  You can do it, and you should.  I'm here for you and you can take comfort in the fact someone else understands.

Believe it or not I take great comfort in a song by REO Speedwagon, which to me just sounds like God speaking to me:

"As soon as you are able
Woman, I am willing
To make a break
that we are on the brink of

My cup is on the table
My love is spilling
Waiting for you to take
and drink of

So if you're tired of
the same old story
Turn some pages
I'll be here when you are ready
to roll with the changes"

And I feel like the second set of verses are my response to Him.  A little weird perhaps, but that's how God works with me.

Roll with the Changes
by REO Speedwagon

Much Love,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dreamed a Dream

No really... I have been having some bizarre dreams lately.  Just a run down:
  • I waved at an angel. I couldn't see the face or the bottom legs, but I waved, it came back and waved at me. It was also snowing, and the large tree in front of my window? Gone.
  • I dreamt of the secret to my blog's success. Unfortunately I don't remember it now.
  • I had a secret council meeting with my second mom (hi Debbie!) and with Greg from work. (hi Greg!).
  • My second family printed resumes and went looking for jobs, first up, Disney Store. I went with them for moral support. Do not wish to change jobs at this time.
I guess my big question to you is, what sort of weird dreams have you been having or had? Or what was your weirdest dream?

Mine include:
  • Killing a group of quasi-Nazi soldiers (they were putting me and other people into a concentration camp). I couldn't let that happen so I lead a group of rebels. I woke up with the feeling of the small-person soldier grasping my ankle as I tried to crush his throat with my boot.
  • Being forced to watch airplanes crash if I didn't divulge national secrets.
  • Picking up my car ala Fred Flinstone style to out run the cops because I had several criminals stuffed in various places of the car (and this was a compact, not SUV).
  • Saving my baby sister from being kidnapped in Mexico, not sure what to do, and then seeing my pastor there.
  • Sitting in a huge lake, surrounded by Mountains (looked English/Irish) and a dragon was under the water about to come up.
So please don't feel shy in sharing!

Dream Police
by: Cheap Trick

Much Love,

Monday, September 19, 2011


This beautiful girl/woman is my sister, Lora. She was my first sister. When my parents told me we were adding to our family I wanted a girl. I remember at five being excited when she could roll over and sit up on her own. I thought that was awesome.

We did not always get along. And her ability to sell ice to Eskimos allowed her to convince our younger sister, Melissa, that I was, in fact, the Boogieman. We have quite the past the two of us, but it has been great to be her sister and friend.

Lora is amazing because of her ability to rescue you at moments you didn’t know you needed to be rescued. She has been there for me more than I can possibly put in this post, but I’m certainly glad she is my sister. Plus, she is ridiculously funny. I’ve never known one person who thought Lora was anything but.

She has recently moved out of the state to start a new adventure.  She is very much missed here, but we are so excited for her.  We hope that she has the best time while she is out there.

(Dad says her room might or might not be available when she comes back, but I'm sure that's just teasing... right Dad?)

Meanwhile I'll just call her after Sons of Anarchy and we can discuss what we just saw. If she isn't too busy.

Much love to my sister!
I'm so very proud of her!
Love her awesome music taste!

This will always remind me of her (and there were many to choose from)

Me & Bobby McGee
by Janis Joplin

Much Love,

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I don't believe that there is one of us who was alive and aware on that day who doesn't remember how they found out, where they were, or the ultimate impact it had on them.  I was in Spanish class, and we were laughing with our teacher over one of her first blunders speaking the language. She had needed soap for her shower, but said sopa, which is soup in Spanish. The lady looked at her weird, but brought her soup.  Then her cell phone rang and she was startled as it never went off.  She shrugged and said it was her daughter and would call her later.

Then her phone rang again.  By that time class was ready for dismissal, and as I stepped out into the hall to get to Algebra everyone was buzzing over something.  When I finally sat down in class the story was the twin towers were down, the pentagon was gone, and another plane was heading somewhere. Frankly I was terrified because the information wasn't all in it sounded like the whole country was under siege.  It wasn't until I was in my car on my way to work after Algebra that I was able to hear what happened.

On Wednesday the next day our church decided not to have our individual classes, but come together as a group. The community, as always, was invited to join us. That day they did.  I've never seen our church more packed then I did on that day. It breaks my heart to think that as much as we may remember, we don't. Tomorrow is the beginning of our Sunday school year. I teach grades second through fifth. Most of them were born after 2001 and the couple that weren't were born in that year. They will never have a memory of a time when it wasn't like it is now.

I've missed some big days as well. Such as December 7, 1941 or November 22, 1963, but like my parents and grandparents, and great grandparents I will never forget the events of September 11th, 2001, and I have no doubt neither will you.  My deepest condolences to those families who lost loved ones. My deepest gratitude to those who died trying to save people. My prayers to those who still need solace.

Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning
by Alan Jackson

Much Love,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dog Tired

This is my dog, whom I am affectionately calling Love Bug right now. However, in his near fourteen years of life he seems to have forgotten which side of the bed he sleeps on.

Example A:

and Example B:

Don't let that face fool  you, it is a ploy to let him sleep there. After all I woke up this morning and he was on that side (I had scooted over in my sleep), and he stole the covers.

I think I may change his affectionate name to Sleepus Interruptus.

(this song has nothing to do with a dog being tired, but since I'm getting ready for work its nice.)

9 to 5
by Dolly Parton

Much Love,

Monday, September 5, 2011

Falling Into Sweetness

It has been a few weeks I know. I hope you all are doing well.  My best friend, Shas, gave birth to her baby boy  last week.  We are so excited to have him with us, and I can't wait to share some pictures. So technically I'm a new aunt!

The temperatures have changed here and now we are actually experiencing the beginning of some fall weather. Which for Texas means below triple-digit heat. 

Okay, the real reason I haven't posted in a while is because I've been writing. A story. A book really... that takes time.  And thanks to my new job I've also had the funds to do more than just stay home. I've been to Women of Faith (which was phenomenal and I recommend it to everyone!). I've started to sponsor a girl, Happiness, which I certainly hope my contribution can bring her some.

But I have much to say still here. Thoughts and feelings that I can't seem to express except on paper.  Thank you for the respite. Much love to all of you out there.

I hope you enjoy your labor day and I'll see you back here soon.

Sweet Disposition
by: The Temper Trap

Much Love,