Friday, November 26, 2010

A Different Focus

Yeah.... so, for me right now my financial situation isn't what I want it to be.  It's to the point where it is what I focus much of my thought towards because everything you want to do takes money.  I'm so sick of being broke and discussing it that I want to scream.  So, I need to focus my energy on something else.  Some people focus on vegetable gardens, others Farmville, and still others focus on collecting buttons.  I know we are to put our focus on Jesus, this isn't about that, this is something that I can tangibly do when the need to obsess over this brokenness gets to be too much.

So, I 've decided to focus on... my nails.  Vain perhaps, but they are something that are always with me (at least I would hope so!), and they are a visual reminder to quit focusing on the bad stuff.  On the other hand I have the worst nails possible.  And, okay, a BIG confession I like to bite my nails.  That's right, bite.  I feel no shame and I feel no guilt, for the record.  So, perhaps if I focus on keeping my nails pretty, and maybe one day longer than they currently are I can accomplish two goals: quit focusing on this hard time in my life and have pretty nails when it gets better.

I will get a picture of my nails so you see I'm not joking in how bad they are, and I will begin a goal. 

I just want to say if you too are going through a rough time that I'm there with you and I pray we all get through this better than expected. 

Much love,

PS: I used to love this song and I still play it occasionally when I'm feeling kinda low and it does make me feel better:

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