Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Confessions & Covers

I have a confession to make.  I love covers.  Not covers of books (although some of those are cool) or DVD covers (same as the books), but music covers.  I can't explain it as I used to hate them.  I was always for the original, and some what of a purist, so I didn't like them.  Then, something happened, I don't know when or where, but suddenly I was in love with covers.

Did you know in my family that most of the women married men they didn't like at first?  Of course you wouldn't know that, unless you were in my family, but for the record that is the case.  My Grandma Kansas only dated my grandpa because her best friend was dating his best friend, but after the friends broke up my grandma decided that she did kind of like him.  They were married for 49 years and 364 days before she died.

My Grandma Oklahoma didn't really like my grandpa either, but she thought he was cute.  They've been married for fifty-one years!  When my parents met my dad had left my mom a 23 cent tip, all in pennies too. (Can't forget that detail!)  They went on a date when my mom was 16 and she came home and told my grandma she was going to marry him.  And as you know from yesterday they've been married now 30 years.

All that to tell you the fact that I didn't like covers before and now I love them shows that this affair will probably go on for quite some time.  Maybe forever.  Of course you can't have covers without originals, and I haven't left them behind.  And like the fabulous original a great cover always brings something new to the table.

Wow, that was a long intro for telling you I heard this great cover of Sarah McLachlan's "Possession"  It is by Evan Blue.  Take a listen:

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