Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I know that I've spoken on here before about how much I hate confrontation.  It makes my heart race, I start shaking, it's not pretty.  It is also not very intimidating when you see a person's eye twitch and they're shaking worse than your standard chihuahua pet.

So, it should come as no surprise that after I made that declaration that there would be numerous things I would need to confront.  I got another one today.  These are more on the professional end than they are on the personal end so to handle it requires a different approach, but my reaction to having to confront seems to be the same.

I do have two things on my side though: God and my desire to quit being taken advantage of.  I'm a nice person, I like to help people, and I bend over backwards to do a great job.  Lately though instead of getting a thank you (which I do like) I've been getting attitude and demands.  Now my first instinct is to stop being nice, to stop helping people more readily and to do only the minimum necessary.  However, that doesn't reflect well on me, and I don't like that option.  Why should others suffer because a few are jerks.

Because I've chosen to approach this in a biblical way: approach the offender with the offense, I am now in confrontations I don't want to be in.  I know that this is teaching me for things that are coming up and the more I do it, correctly and for the right reasons, the better for me it will be.

Until then of course I will continue to shake, much like the dog.

Of course this post begs for a anthem so here it is:

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