Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu

I actually live here in Mexico, I have since August of last year. So yes, I know all about the Swine Flu. Although the area in which I live is about seven hours away from Mexico City the entire country has shut down all public events including school until the 6th. I'm here because I am tutoring for a missionary family. Therefore, my only pupil, is actually going to school at this time. That's what happens when your teacher lives in your house and your classroom doubles as her bedroom. He's protesting. Actually everyone can protest. It changes nothing. We have work to do.

I have to say I wasn't really worried about it, and I'm still not worried about getting the disease. My issue is if they close the border. I was told it was very odd to be locked out of your own country. I quite frankly don't want to know what that feels like. My tenure here is over at the beginning of July. I want to go home. I have plans for when I get home that include a two week road trip to visit various relatives including my sister who I haven't seen since Christmas because of where she goes to school.

I know this all sounds selfish and quite frankly it is. However, that is what is going through my head at this time. I'm really not worried about the disease or getting it. Even if I do the family I live with is in close connections with the doctors down here and have enough supply of drugs for me and the family. No real worries there. It is the getting home part that worries me.

I'm trusting God that I get to. That I get to go home. It's this waiting game that is hard to handle. I knew I should have been more selective when I chose 'The Waiting' by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers as a theme song for my life in 2005. I know I've been wavering between that and 'Here I Go Again' by Whitesnake since my time here, but seriously. The fact 'The Waiting' has been so appropoe since 2005 scares me a little. I'm really sick of waiting and absolutely have no other choice.

I know the French have a saying for this, but alas I can barely learn Spanish. Maybe that is what I should do while I wait?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Something New

I've decided to try something I've never done before, which is really odd considering how long I've been a Christian. However, for the first time I'm going to pray about my work out. It seems so simple, but I've never done it before. I've tried more than I care to share about trying to lose weight. I've done it with diet and exercise and still haven't lost much weight. I even had a trainer for almost a year and still didn't lose but ten pounds and not even a real dress size. I personally believe that there is a medical condition wrong with me, but as of this moment I no longer care. I'm giving it over to God. I'll tell you how it goes. Tomorrow is goingto be the hardest.


This week was full of surprises. The first was when I got back to Mexico I was greeted with five mesquito bites, hives, and swollen feet. I thought perhaps a delayed reaction. Instead we decided it was more of a 'Welcome Back'. Either way not much to look at. Nevermind that while I live here I sport my 'Heujetla' look. In other words, no make up, and no blown-dried hair, and just pulled back into a wet pony tail. Not glamourous at all, but its functional and since I have one student and we work in my bedroom who cares?

I will not be posting pictures of this look. Don't ask. I will however post pictures of my bedroom. Now I'll tell you in order:
1. My bed. 2. This is where the current book I'm reading goes. 3. My Nikes so I'll work out in the morning. This is more of a goal at this point. 4. My closet. 5. Top of my closet. All magazines and bags. 6. Air conditioner. Important. Very important. 7. Where my blow drier, make up, and purses reside. Pretty much only use if not in Heujetla. 8. My drawers, TV, DVD player, SKY box, lotions. 9. My computer (w/ a Criminal Intent video on it no less). 10. Alan's desk. My teaching books are in the middle. We can see who the messy one is here.
The other surprise was not a good one. My former Sunday school teacher died this past week. I was so blessed as I got to take him to one of his last radiation treatments. We thought he had six months to a year left, but it was more like one week. He challenged me and he will most certainly be missed.
So, now I'm sitting here watching Criminal Intent videos on YouTube, reading food blogs and copying receipes, and watching Grease on TCM. I'll probably watch some One Tree Hill later. Finally starting to feel like I'm back in Mexico.