Monday, November 22, 2010

Speaking of Giving Thanks

So today my incredible parents celebrate 30 years of marriage, which is incredible.  I know how blessed I am to have parents that are still happily married and have been such amazing parents.  So, much like a birthday I had to create a Top 5 to celebrate this Big Deal Occasion:

You Never Even Call Me By My Name
by David Allen Coe

Today my parents celebrate 30 years of marriage. So, of course, I needed to dedicate my Top 5 to them. Believe it or not this is "their" song. This starts to explain a few things about me doesn't it? Actually the fact that this is their song shows how cool they are.

by Kiss

As I stated on my dad's birthday he only likes two slow songs. This is the other. For one it was written by the drummer, which my dad is a drummer. In fact on my the day of my actual birth he was playing a gig in Detroit. So my mom always teases my dad he wants a girl like Beth. I think he found her. :P

Remember When
by Alan Jackson

Finding other songs for this remarkable couple is tough. Beth was for my dad so this one is for my mom. I think it is a very sweet song myself and something I hope to have some day.

Oh How the Years Go By
by Amy Grant

As the daughter, the first born, I chose this song. It reminds me of my childhood and the evenings spent at the dinner table, and the summers spent in California where Dad was working. It reminds me of how great my paretns are, how loving they are to us girls and each other. I was blessed with incredible parents and a remarkable childhood. So Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Here's to 30 more years!

You Never Even Call Me By My Name
by David Allen Coe

I couldn't decide if I wanted to play this at the beginning or the end of the countdown and then I thought why not both? Besides this is their song. It should be played more than once.

Much love and happiness to you my wonderful parents and to th rest of you out there!

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