Friday, January 22, 2010

First Day Dreaming

I don't think I've been this hopeful in quite some time. I have my fingers crossed on a few deals, but it was just nice today. It felt like finally some of my "good work" was paying off. In Galations 6:9 it says, "Don't grow weary of doing good." Well I don't know about any of you, but I sometimes grow weary of it. It seems sometimes that you always try to do the right thing and it still craps all over you.

Well, today it felt like some of that goodness was paying off.

I called the company today that makes the major component of what I want to do. The whole problem is that even though it appears as though it is perfect I have no way of demo-ing the product before purchase. And for a start up $4500 is a lot of money for a product I'm not a 100% positive about.

My next move will be to call the health department and see what they are going to require. Because then I know what kind of place I need to rent. I have the basic idea: cement floor, drain in the middle, sink. After that I don't have the details.

Thankfully that is next week's problem. I'm sleeping tomorrow and doing some relaxing. By relaxing I mean watching all the Law & Order: Criminal Intent episodes I want without any input from anybody. I'm particulary sad about Goren and Eames leaving so this video from quietfire is spot on. Plus its a great song and vid. Enjoy!

Beginning of a Dream

So, I have this dream where I'm independently financially sound. I have another dream that involves cookies, and not eating them. This is the beginning of these two dreams.

So I have the idea, I spoke with my investor, whom I'll call Mr. Nice, and he gave me some ideas about how to start this dream. I have to admit I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. There are so many things to consider and do. I've almost got all my start-up costs done. I think I've found the special equipment I need, I just need to see if I can get a demonstration of it.

Finally, I think I have the recipe, but I'm not quite sure. My gut is not quite convinced and it needs to be.

Did I mention I'm incredibly overwhelmed? I'm excited, but deeply overwhelmed. So, I'll call the company today, see what they say about a demonstration. If that all works out the next step is to start the process of getting my own company. If that happens I'll reveal the name then. :)

On an un-related note I think Lady Gaga should release an album where she slows down her songs, because there are so many that are as fantastic slowed down as they are sung now. I fell in love with her introduction on the Ellen show.

So the future starts today!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Conveniently Already Had a Label Called 'Brain Overload'

So I've been missing from my blog. Well missing it in the sense I haven't been doing it. That's horrible to say, but I honestly have to wonder who cares what I have to say? I mean, it is not ground breaking, most of what I show you is something you could find on your own (if you lived in my mind), but nothing major. Everyone who reads this I know and love and usually speaks with me more than once a week.

However, I just can't leave it. When I need a chance to express my nerdy self and share things this is the place I do it. Also my brain is fried, I'm tired, and I've really enjoyed this video.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

A shocking title to be sure, but it is time to talk about that wonderful time where we can all take a deep breath, brush off the past year, and go on to the new year with hope and optimisim of what might come.

Now I know many of you had a great 2009, mine was not an easy year for me, so this new year brings wth it real hope for a new future. I've waited a long time for certain things and I can only hope that this is the year that it happens for me.

I want the unexpected in delightful ways and at least one of my deep desires. Yesterday would've been a great day to remember all of 2009 and what it has brought to me, but the truth is I would like to put most of it behind me and look forward with a fresh start.

With that in mind I only have one link for you: 101 New Uses for Every Day Things. May your new year be wonderful and blessed!