Monday, May 25, 2009


To me this is summer and yummy! I love Strawberries and they were brought back much to my delight. The irony or foreshadowing was that I had just read a recipe for Strawberry Short cake, at SmittenKitchen.

So here they are. Even though I'm enjoying summer early in Mexico, it just feels like the sunshine is finally here and Summer has begun! God has really blessed me with today, and after last week I truly feel like the Beatles song, "Here Comes the Sun". I'm doing well and I hope you are too!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mexican Saturday Night

I know I complain sometimes about living in Mexico, and sometimes those complaints are legit. It has been difficult for me to live here. However, it is not all negative, and most of it is positive. Take last night for example. We were invited to go eat Tacos at McTaco last night. My favorite dish from here is the Beef Steak con Queso tacos that we get.

It was a beautiful night. It was a hot beautiful day, but it was a very beautiful night. Our host played jazzed up versions of classic american songs such as, Unchained Melody, as we drove to the restaurant. The dinner was wonderful. Exactly what I wanted. Although I didn't understand much of the conversation it was nice to be out.
Then we did my second favorite thing, we had ice cream around the town square. I love ice cream. I got what I thought was Pistachio, but turned out to be Coconut and Pistachio, thankfully I like Coconut. It had a little twang to it, but it was loaded with Pistachio nuts and tasted just fine on the small waffle cone.
After we returned I was able to watch the, Graham Norton Show. I love him, and it cracked me up. The best part was I discovered a new song, and even though I'm a year late for the solo act and who knows how long from the group, Texas, I am now a fan of Sharleen Spiteri. And my new song of the moment, "All the Times I've Cried". you can listen to it here:

Just amazing! A great Saturdady night. Praise God! After the Friday I had, Saturday was a wonderful welcome!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to Mexico

The picture below is the typical spider that I have to deal with. I'm not really fearful of most spiders. So, when this spider decides to be in my room or near me I kill it. Nothing really to it unless the little bugger decided to start jumping, then he can be hard to catch, but I normally can get him.

However, there are times when I am fearful of spiders. That time was today. Should I have worked out this morning? Yes. After a week of being in the states eating all of my favorite foods I should have, but unfortunately the power has gone out here and I didn't have my air conditioning. I could've colapsed from the heat had I tried. So, I waited until 7:30 to take my shower. I went through my typical routine, getting my water for brushing my teeth, putting my towel on the rack, and then I use the restroom. Now, there is a fan on the back of the toliet, before I sat down I saw it, there was nothing on it. However, when I got up to flush there it was. A HUGE spider. Enough to make me utter a profanity, that I believe was called for. I ran for my camera, but the little bugger was already on the ground, hiding behind the toliet paper cannister. So, I called for Alan, and he came to kill it. However, before he actually killed it I took this photo to prove that I was not crazy and the sucker was huge:

So, all I could think when seeing this, after the heart attack stopped, was, "Welcome to Mexico". Thankfully I saw this after I had used the toliet and not when I was in the shower...vulnerable.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Feeling a Little Cynical These Days...

So, I had a dream about movie premiers. Apparently I cooked up some really good premiers because I really wanted to go to the movies when I got back to the States. See, this is what quarantine will do to you. You end up making your own movies on top of everything else you try to do to keep yourself sane.

On top of that I can't seem to get my mojo going as far as writing, especially my weekly emails. The truth is I'm just not feeling it any more. Ever since I came back from Spring Break I've been in a funk that I just can't seem to get out of. I realize that I'm going back in less than two months, but I think part of it is because my time here is almost done... Anyway, saw this the other day and thought, 'Even though I live here in Mexico I don't think I could find this, but man, does it look good!'

For those of you who don't know is awesome and should be visited all the time. It might even make you feel better... although it might make you feel sick at your stomach, but in a good way.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good Morning!

"It all started with a hug." To explain how my mind works this is the opening line to the sequel of a story I am working on. Oh, and I haven't even written the first story yet. I thought of this last night at around 11:45 pm when I couldn't sleep. Even though I had to be up at 6:00 this morning I could not get my body to go to sleep...

So, time for another picture of my life here in Mexico. Here's the other half of my room:
1. My bookshelf. This is only a small fraction of my actual books. 2. Is my DVD binder. 3. Is my hamper. 4. School supplies. 5. A cork board. 6. The lyrics change every week. 7. Notice there is NO CAFFIENE. The fact I had caffiene could have something to do with not being able to go to sleep. 8. Another cork board that should be used, but isn't. 9. My luggage. I'm breaking free I tell you...

So, good morning! I'll have a video for you soon. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sometimes Life Sucks... Smile!

This is for you if you're having a bad day. As many know I'm a Law & Order: Criminal Intent fan, and when I found this video it made me smile. It is now featured on my YouTube profile. As someone who is having not the best day I thought I would share this with you in hopes that you might get at least one smile. :)

Mosquitoes in Mexico, Surely You Jest!

This picture may seem a little gross... well it is. However, what it shows is just sweeping from one side of the room of all the mosquitoes that we sprayed for last night. Yes, what we found after our new found freedom from Swine Flu quarantine was a downstairs full of mosquitoes. So, we sprayed and spent our time outside waiting for the spray to clear. When we came back those hundreds that we had seen on the walls were now the hundreds we saw on the floor.

The best part of the evening came when we went outside to flee from the fumes and ended up watching what I like to call, Doggie Porn. Bonnet, the female, is in heat, but not to the point where she will let Blue, the male, actually go all the way with her. However, she will allow for a lot of foreplay and well, as gross as this may be to some I have to share. I watched the dogs do the following and I am not lying: I saw them do the sixty-nine position. Both participted. I saw them try to do it missionary style (alas they call it doggie style for a reason and that is because dogs can't do it missionary style). Finally I saw Bonnet give Blue a BJ.

I don't know that my eyes will ever be the same or look at the dogs quite the same way. What a night.

Oh, and helpful hint. If you go off of caffiene for any length of time and then you drink some at say 9:00 at night be prepared to stay up for a good while.

Friday, May 1, 2009

June Bugs

I hate June bugs! HATE THEM! Right after I got through posting one flew into my room. It landed on me. I squeeled, grabbed my Nike and swatted it. It is now dead on my floor. I would post a picture, but, well, I HATE THEM! Now it is dead taunting me, asking me how I'm going to dispose of it since I'm wearing flip flops and can't kick it away. ::shivers down spine:: I'll let you know when I can.

Restlessness Madness

Technically I'm not doing anything differently than I would do if I didn't have to stay in the house. However, the fact that now I'm forced to stay in is making my palms itch and I need to get out of the house. I feel like this poor guy here in the photo. And no for you jokesters I'm not talking about the little one. I mean the big one crawling up the walls. We also have another connection. We both drive my mom nuts. Well, technically I don't run aftermy mom in the backyard, but I have been known to chase her around the downstairs.
I would like to point out that as much as I love my mother she sometimes deserved it. I bet you didn't know that she would wait until I was coming up the walk way from school and would hide and then when I opened the front door shout, "Boo!" as I nearly died of a heart attack. Yes, chasing her is well deserved.
Meanwhile, my focus on Law and Order: Criminal Intent has lead to this video: which I've been listening to since last Tuesday. So much fun. You know, have some for those of who can't!
I just realized it is 10:30 on a Friday night... I have no words, so good night.