Monday, November 29, 2010

Need A Little Christmas

It is day two of my challenge, but since I'm still at work I haven't been able to accomplish some of my personal goals.  Although I'm trying this praying without ceasing businesses.  Sometimes I forget, but then I remember again.

So, I'll have more information about my day two tonight versus right at this moment.  At this moment I'm thinking how wonderful the Christmas season is and how much I am not feeling it right now.  Which is a shame.  I think I'm going to start decorating tonight, I'm sure that will help.

I also have this desire to bake, but Shas's birthday is not until Thursday (I'm hoping to make red velvet cupcakes - if I could pull of purple I would since that is her favorite color, but we'll see.)  So I need to conserve my money for that.  However, that doesn't stop the desire to make the cookies that sound good from the 12 Days of Cookies from Food Network. (PS I so got Paula's cookies in my inbox but Food Network says Nigella is up first...)

All of that to say that this song,

We Need A Little Christmas
by Johnny Mathis

The reason this one gets me into the spirit is because of this line, "Because I've grown a little leaner, grown a little colder, grown a little sadder, and grown a little older so I need a little Christmas."

I'll post my favorite Christmas song later, but if you need a little Christmas come join me.  I might even make cookies!

Much Love,

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