Friday, November 19, 2010


Because this week has been particularly tough for me I thought I would recount some of the conversations that happened to me this week:

Salesman: Can I speak with So&So
Me: I'm sorry he's not available right at the moment can I take a message or help you?
Salesman: Oh no I can just leave him my information.
Me: Okay, what is it?
Salesman: Can I just fax you my info?
Me: We don't use the fax.
Salesman: Oh wow really?  That's odd.  I'll just call back at a later time.
Me: Okay, no problem.

My thoughts: We are a tech company.  It is 2010.  Who uses faxes?  Furthermore who uses faxes to fax over their information?  And finally I'm the odd one because I don't use fax?  I guess I could've told him that he could tweet us if that made him feel better....


Message: Yes, I need to speak to So&So and I thought they would've called me back, but I guess they can only do that if you gave them my message. I wanted to learn more about your stuff so if you could email the specs to me I'd appreciate it, but if you're not capable of that then you can fax me.

My thoughts: So the first guy was weirded out that I didn't use a fax and the second guy didn't think I was capable of email?  Again we are a TECH company.  It is 2010.  Who uses fax?  Why didn't they read the email I sent them with the appropriate links (I double checked)?  Finally, I did give So&So the message, but he was still busy.  Actually this guy called three times in the span of five minutes, which I was in the restroom, and he dialed my direct number....


Me: This is Kelli can I help you?
Same Guy As Above Message: Yeah, I did get those specs, but I didn't read it and wondered if you could just tell me about.
Me: Sure... blah blah blah

My Thoughts: Really?  I mean really?

And this was my week....

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