Friday, November 5, 2010

L's Birthday Music

At any time any of my loved ones have a birthday I think of five songs that remind me of them and then post why those songs do.  Today is my sister L.'s birthday.

Here are hers:

by Aerosmith

So today is dedicated to my sister, L. I chose this song because her and I used to create dances for songs like 'Down on the Corner' by CCR or 'I'll Be Sailing' by Rod Stewart. This was our massive dance because this song was so long. We had a lot of good times. This is to her.

Crazy On You
by Heart

Right now Alone is probably her favorite Heart song, but it wasn't long ago when this was. You always know when Lora is getting ready and if there isn't at least one female power voice coming through the speakers something isn't right. Plus I love singing this song with her in the car.

Worst Day Since Yesterday
by Flogging Molly

L. and I have a lot of music in common, but we always seem to take opposite sides of things in the best way possible. For example I'm a Dropkick Murphys fan and L. is Flogging Molly. Same type of music in different ways and bands. Plus this song has a great sense of humor to it that L. has always possessed.

Man in Black
by Johnny Cash

I'll never forget when Johnny Cash died because of L. She just fell in love with him as an artist and what he stood for. And for his incredible awesomeness. L. is like Johnny Cash that way, so I chose this song because we get to hear what Johnny thought of life and I believe L. has a lot in common with that thought.

Me and Bobby McGee
by Janis Joplin

To be fair the whole family loves this song, but to hear L. sing it is a real treat. Especially when we're on a road trip and we are all singing this at the top of our lungs.

Happy Birthday to my first sister, you are forever the epitome of coolness with that great streak of bad-assness that only you can pull off.

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