Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things Around the Web

I'm a bit of a news junkie.  If I could make a career of reading the news I would be making millions.  So, every once in a while I like to share some of the interesting things that I've seen or found cool and share them with you.  As my family  has already heard about it and doesn't want to hear about it again.  Aren't you lucky?

So, for things around the web and world:

1. Eclipse.  I did see the eclipse last night.  L. woke me up at 1:30 am and we went and watched it.  Since I live in Texas our weather was rather warm for winter so no need for jackets, blankets, or frankly shoes.  It was great.  My pictures from the event weren't, but the even itself was great.  I like being a part of history.

2. Net Neutrality.  I know some of you have no idea what this is but if you own a website and are not a Fortune 500 company then it is something you need to look into.  What was going to happen was Internet, wireless, and cable providers were going to charge you to see certain content and they would give faster load times to those companies who could afford to pay for faster load times.  This penalizes those companies who could not. Such as anyone who is not Fortune 500.  That further puts a strain on small businesses because people don't like to wait more than a second or three for a page to load.  Imagine waiting a whole 60 seconds, most wouldn't do it. 

Today the FCC in a 3-2 decision voted for Net Neutrality with some rules.  So it is a compromise, but it is better than getting what the large companies wanted.  You can read about the Net Neutrality verdict here.

3. The Nativity Story. Have you seen this video about the Nativity Scene as done through Social Media?  This was a fun video to watch and still kept up with a the greatest story ever told.  You can see the Nativity Story as Told Through Social Media here.

4. Justified Season 2.  It starts up again on February 9th on FX.  This show stars Timothy Olyphant as US Marshall, Raylan Givens.  Oh so good.  Really good.

Mary Did You Know
by Kenny Rogers & Wynonna Judd

Okay that is it for the moment.  Will be planning my final Christmas Dessert Extravaganza and posting some recipes to go with it.

Much Love,

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