Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day Seven: Shopping & Family

I did not technically get on my elliptical and work out, but I walked, a lot, today.  And I carried a baby and let him bounce in my arms.  My chest is going to hurt like a mother bear tomorrow.  That kid was my weight training, but he is so darn cute that its worth it. He has the biggest smile and unless he is hungry or tired he doesn't cry or get too upset.

Meanwhile, my second mom, Shas's mom, bought me the cutest accessory.  I'll have a picture for you later because I'm so wearing it very, very soon.  I'd say tomorrow but I never know what exactly I'll wear until I put it on.  I have this habit of changing my mind, which my dad might tell you about if you ask, or perhaps if you don't.

You need to see this video especially if you're a Big Bang Theory fan like me.  Dr. Sheldon Cooper for the win indeed.

Oh No
by Marina and the Diamonds

Well no food for today.  Tomorrow I have to make an appetizer for one Christmas party and find an elephant gift for the second.  Two Christmas parties you may ask?  Yes.  One is for my Sunday school class, the other is for the older group in our church, whom I just adore. They are sweet and have adopted me as an honorary member.  I'm very humbled by it and so blessed.  Great stories and sweet people who know how to have fun.

Also this video is from the season finale of Sons of Anarchy.  It is a different version.

Hey Hey My My
by Battleme

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