Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day Eight & Nine: Eek!

I do have so much to catch up on, but the truth is I've been out sick since Sunday night.  I usually only get sick once a year, if that, but this year I've been out sick three times now.  I hate it.  I just absolutely HATE being sick.  I know no one likes being sick but I resent it.  I know I can't help it, but it doesn't make me accept what is happening any easier.

Great shouts of gratitude to God though and great friends.  I sent out a distress call on Facebook last night asking for prayers that I get better so I could come to work today.  I have a lot going on these next two weeks and since this is partly my company it is a big deal.  And God blessed me with enough health to make it.  Now I'm just nursing a sinus infection, which isn't fun, but at least manageable.

I will have posts coming soon, but not today.  As I said to the office today I may not move fast, but I will move diligently.

PS: I did bite a hangnail off, but other than that I still haven't bitten my nails.  So another yay!

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