Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day Five: Cupcakes, No Bakes, and Back Breaks

To say my back hurts right at this moment would be an understatement.  However, I have 48 red velvet mini-cupcakes and I don't know how many no-bakes but quite a few.  I'll have pictures of them tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I'm resting and enjoying one of my favorite shows, Burn Notice.  Perhaps it has jumped shark with the character, Jesse, but Bruce Campbell is still incredible so that is what counts.

Anyone else love Bruce Campbell besides me?  I'll never forget my senior year of high school and we would watch movies during lunch before our fifth period started (and by us I mean my English class).  We watched Evil Dead 2... great camp/horror movie.  And I don't like horror, but again, Bruce Campbell made it great.

I'll have pictures of my food tomorrow when I have better light.  I really liked my pictures of the blondies in the morning light, so that is what I'm going for.  Meanwhile quick question why are there so many bad guys who have such loyal followers?  Always found that odd.

Well I worked out tonight it actually wasn't that bad.  Maybe one day it won't be as bad.  And I haven't bitten my nails.

I know I posted this on here earlier, but seriously a great song!

This Charming Life
Joan Armatrading

Much Love,

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