Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Shas!!

Did you know I have a friend named Shas?  Well I do.  Her and I have been friends since the seventh grade.  We had gone our separate ways after high school, but she found me, put up with my stubbornness and now we're back to being friends.  I do so love this person, Shas.  So in honor of her, I dedicated my Top 5 to her.

The River
by Garth Brooks

It is because of Shas that I really got into Garth Brooks and was even able to see him in concert. When he bought free HBO for those with cable so we could see his special I was at Shas's house. Great times. Happy Birthday my dear, dear friend.

X's and O's (American Girl)
by Trisha Yearwood

So Shas had a car before I did and she was generous enough to pick me up every day for school, and we must have listened to Trisha nearly every morning. This was my favorite of the tape.

You May Be Right
by Billy Joel

So Garth Brooks was Shas's favorite and Billy Joel is mine. However, Shas did like this song. I was quite excited when she told me that. Oh if I could only recount some of the great times we had/have. Like the issue of high-waters and the movie, Emma. Or the term 'schmegma' from Homecoming. Thanks for the great times friend!

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas
by Gayla Peevey

Christmas is another thing Shas and I share. Especially Christmas music. This is such a fun song and I so enjoy when we can listen to it and sing along. I really hope you all have a great friend like Shas in your life.

Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In
by The 5th Dimension

Now this is how cool Shas and her husband, Joe are. This was the song they walked down the aisle to after being pronounced husband and wife. Honestly awesome. I hope you have an amazing birthday and wonderful day friend, much love from me to you!

May your Thursday shine as bright as I hope Shas's does!

Much Love,

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