Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend, I'm soo Glad You're Here!

Long enough title for you?  Yeah, wasn't for me either.  So, once again it is 4:30 and I'm sitting here trying to work up the courage to continue work.  This is probably the hardest time I have on Fridays, let alone before a big 3 day weekend!  Oh yeah, I just did a WooHoo.  As if in chorus my Pandora has started playing (What a) Wonderful World by Sam Cooke... This happens more frequently than you might think.

So I swore (okay no swearing, more of a promise) that I would not do a theme today for the TOP 5, as you know by now that didn't pan out.  So, if you are into 80's movies (and yes Little Mermaid was from 1989 so it counts!) then go check it out.  The rest are from movies that may or may not (mostly may) include Molly Ringwald.

Ah, now Pandora is playing "You're My Best Friend" by Queen... I love you too little guy.  My Pandora's a little guy... is now the time I tell you that I also named my laptop and when I get a new one he too will have a name (I'm thinking Frank, but we'll have to wait and see if that is a suiting name for it).

None of that is entirely important, I just like filler.  You are talking to the girl who's favorite part of reading is when she is comfy in the middle.  Which is exactly where I'm at in 'Swan Thieves' by Elizabeth Kostvo.  If you read her 'The Historian', then I think you will like this one too... at least I do for the moment.  Now to make sure that all is clear, I did read the last paragraph... it told me nothing, but satisfied my curiosity.

Meanwhile, I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll be back again on Tuesday! 

Rest in Peace, Gary Coleman.

With Love, Kelli

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