Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pie on the Brain, but not on my Plate...

As you may have guessed I haven't made my pie yet. Instead, I have thought about a delicious Pecan Pie recipe that I had been given in Mexico, but when my purple notebook disappeared so did the recipe. Unfortunately, I have no way of getting it from there. I know I'm bummed to, but that's okay because I think I figured it out.

I plan to find out tonight. At least I hope I do. We've seen where planning can get me into trouble. As in I don't always follow my plan. Also while I'm confessing the bazaar this weather has made a deep desire in me to watch Twister. The photos are below. I, know, there is something twisted in me, but what are you going to do?

So, last night I started the next section of our Bible study. The part of the story that got to me was when Beth Moore started telling the story of how her daughter, when she was younger, had gotten a knot in her hair and for a week didn't tell her mother and the knot just got bigger. Finally the daughter had to call to her mother and ask for help in getting the knot out. As Beth helped her the daughter placed her head in her mother's lap and although it caused some pain and tears Beth was able to get the knot untangled. She used this story to illustrate that we can't avoid our problems and we need to come to God and lay our heads in his lap and let him untangle our messes.

With that in mind there has been issue that I've been putting off due to fear and who knows what else. I, essentially put my head in the sand, but I knew it was time to face it. So last night I got on my hands and knees, then sat down on the floor as my knees hurt, and prayed. I asked for help and this morning I bit the bullet and took care of it. Now, there are some tears, $320.00 a month tears, but I was able to avoid the down payment and God graciously gave me a kind person to talk to on the phone. In 14 months this should be close to finish. I feel so much better it is not even funny and the way God worked through it all just makes me smile.
So, that's my encouragement to you today. Face your problems today, pray to God to help you with knots, and then know that as he untangles the mess it will be so much better on the other side of the problem.

This is just my little guy. Aint' he cute?

With Much Love,

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