Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can I Bake and Clean at the Same Time?

That is the question and one I won't be able to answer until tomorrow. I have this pie I want to make, Lemon/Raspberry pie. Doesn't that scream summer to anyone else? However, I need to finish cleaning my room. I picked it up yesterday and tonight I need to dust and vaccum. Yes, it was that bad. Then on Thursday I plan on stealing my shredder from the office and starting on my filing cabinet.

I'm sure you all are intrigued. I almost have my site, RestoredSunshine.com finished. This will be the letter site. I'm really looking forward to this site because it does what I've always wanted to do: encourage people. My site will allow you to write a letter to anyone (I even help you if you have writer's block) and I will print it and mail it for a dollar ($1). So, for a whole dollar you can tell someone how much they mean to you or encourage them if they are going through a tough time.

I'm very excited about it. The bakery is taking more time due mostly to the fact that I have to come up with $4500 for the printer I need. However, as soon as I do that should be taking off.

On a last note, I know that sometimes life is not very fun. For a better word it just plain sucks. However, if there is someone in your life tha thas been there for you, who does things for you, and who you know you can count on, please tell that person thank-you. Acknowledge them and their deeds, not because they have to hear it, but because it shows them that you see what they do and are grateful for them. Everyone likes to hear a thank-you. Those two words can resolve so many things. So please, tell someone thank-you today.

And on that note, thank-you for taking the time to read this.

Much Love,

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