Friday, May 14, 2010

I Like Pie... Apparently.

Good news? I finally made my Lemon/Mixed Berry Pie. Then I made a Pecan Pie. Both are good and taste cold. I guess you can say that is another odd thing about me. I like my pecan pie cold. Actually I prefer cold food. Hence my love of sandwhiches. I don't know why that is, but all my favorite foods are cold. Now, I do love good hot food, no doubt about that, but my favorite is when it is leftovers and you don't have to re-heat. Yum... like cold pizza.

Meanwhile, here are the photos for my pies. :D I'm proud I made them.

On another note you might have seen me mention yesterday how the incoming storms made me want to watch the movie Twister. Well the universe heard and today I became a drowned rat as some sort of twisted payback. Oh, yes, that pun is intentional. I got drenched running into Schlotskys, I got drenched running out of Schlotskys and I got drenched walking back into the office building. By that time my flip-flops were that weird slimy feeling and I couldn't run. My jeans were soaked, my hair, which was beauitul this morning has gone to its unnatural waves (just looking at them could cause sea sickness!), and I created a puddle where I stood trying to get dry.

However, its been a rather pleasant Friday. As reflected in my Top 5 this morning. You can view that by going to Top 5 Shower Re-Cap.

So that has been my Friday. I hope you al have a great weekend!

With Much Love,

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