Monday, May 24, 2010

History Making Moments

This weekend was a special weekend.  At about 7:00 am on Saturday morning I jumped into my dad's truck and we headed down the highway to go and see my grandpa (dad's dad).  He was getting ordained this weekend and I wanted to go.  So I did.

My grandpa has been a deacon for many years, but the Lord had been placing on his heart that he needed to become ordained.  So, that is what he did.  My dad's three sisters (he's the only boy) were also there and some of my cousins and their children were also able to make it.

First, let me say the best pizza I have ever had is at the pizza place in the small town located near my grandpa's.  They are awesome.  They bake the toppings under the cheese and then the sauce.... it is just unbelievable.  Add to it cheap ranch and I'm in heaven.  It is all so very good.  Our waitress is also sweet as pie, so it always makes going something fun to do.

Second, the local cafe makes delicious food as well.  On Sunday Grandpa's treat is their buffet (which when I was younger seemed so much bigger).  Sitting and eating with the family is always fun.  We have many good laughs and conversations.  We can even discuss politics and have a lively discussion without fear of meanness or reprisal.

Third, just being back there reminds me of my grandmother who's passing will be ten years in October.  I wish more people could've met her, she was such an amazing woman.  In fact, it was her influence that got my grandpa to where he is today (not that God didn't have an influence, but he used her to speak to my grandpa - that is for sure!).  Shortly after my dad's oldest sister was born my grandma told my grandpa that she was going to church and if he was going to be the kind of husband and father he ought to be he would go to.  Not to give my aunt's age away but close to sixty something years later my grandpa has been a faithful attendant and remarkable man of God.

I know that he had influenced my dad.  Which brings me to the History Making Moment.  My dad was ordained as a deacon many years ago, and if you are not familiar with the service, once the deacon  has made his statements to the church of what he will uphold, then there is laying on of the hands. This is when anyone who has been ordained as a deacon comes and prays over the one who is being ordained.

I don't want to post the photo until after Father's Day because it will be the gift I give, but I have an extraordinary picture of my father praying over his father in this very special ceremony.  It was something to see and I'm so glad I captured the moment.

Then I got up at 3:15 a.m. so we could leave by four to make it home and into the office.  All worth it though.

Quick Traveling Tip: ALWAYS write a list of what you need to take.  I usually do and thought I didn't need to do it, and I left my face wash and blow dryer.  Granted I could borrow that, but still... not pleasant.


TOMAS said...

Lists are always helpful, so long as they are arranged alphabetically in sets and subsets to avoid vexing distraction.

Kelli said...

I wish I were that organized in my list making. Most of the time I add to it by how I use it through out the day. Even then I've been known to skip a number of items.