Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gleek Cake - Or something like that.

So, tonight I am going to attempt, for the second time, cake balls. (Everytime I say that name I feel like I'm in an SNL skit.) This time, however, I'm going to make lemon cake, and I'm going to use white chocolate instead of almond bark. I'm also going to make my balls a little smaller. (Serioulsy, am I the only one that turns into a 13 year old boy when saying that word?)

While I'm making them I will be watching Glee. I can't wait. Neil Patrick Harris is going to be on there and well, I'm already a Gleek, so this does get me excited. However, it will probably affect my Top 5 Shower Re-Cap tomorrow. Like right now I'm listening to "Defying Gravity" with Rachel and Kurt and I just got through listening to "Rose's Turn" by Kurt from last week.

However, I do counteract this with watching Justified on FX. But then I watch One Tree Hill, so I don't know where that puts me. I loved the season finale last night and with confirmation of a Season 8 I'm excited!

Okay, well enough of my nerdy confessions. I should have some pictures for you tomorrow of how it all turned out. If not, there should be some excuse. Enjoy your night!

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