Monday, May 2, 2011

How To: Twitter

When things are constantly changing you are constantly learning.  The reason I tell you this is that what I state today may change down the road, but I hope to provide some basic guide lines and knowledge for the social medias listed below.

If you are blogging and building up your brand in blogging then I firmly believe you need to establish your name across all social media forums.  However, each one should be handled differently.  Today I'm going to focus on Twitter because it is my favorite, because its purpose is to share information and links 140 bite piece at a time. News links, opinions, short thoughts, photo snapshots are best used for Twitter.

Basic Twitter Tools:

A mention is when someone includes you in their post.  When someone "mentions" you they will have @yourusername in their tweet.

This is where someone mentioned me:

When this happens the best thing to do (within reason) is respond.  Whatever you feel the best response is.  When you respond to your mention you do a reply, which then puts the user who mentioned you into your tweet. 

To reply you can use the reply button which you see above.  Replying automatically puts the other user

Here is what it would look like when you are replying:
As you can tell I would be responding to Jerry Bruckheimer.  By replying or responding to someone tweets you start to really build up your social network.

The whole point of social media is to be social, so being engaging with people is important.


Sometimes the people you follow are hilarious or have a poignant message and you want to share this.  To do this all you have to do is a re-tweet.
Gary Sinise re-tweeted me.  Great day!  Re-tweet is easy.  Sometimes people will even re-tweet you.


When you favorite a tweet it is a way to keep track of those tweet that you really like.  It could be because of the message, or the link, or whatever other reason you wish to keep it in a list.

Direct Message:

This is the private message of Twitter.  If you wish to send a private message to someone on Twitter you do it by Direct Message.

Basic Twitter Lingo:


Hastags are anything you put a # in front of.  You can put anything after the #, if you want to be trending you can put specific keywords after.


Trending is when you and many other twitter users are using a specific phrase or keyword so that you can find or follow information.  The two most famous on Twitter are #ff and #musicmonday.
#ff or #FollowFriday

When you put this hashtag in your tweet you will then proceed to put user names into the tweet. This lets those who follow you know the cool people you are following.  If you follow certain tweeters who have great content, great tweets, and you really like then on Friday put those people into a tweet.

#ff @northparknow @GarySinise @michellemalkin @BethanyJoyGaleotti @backdoralora @waitmel


This one I use a lot because I'm always listening to music.

"Timshel" by Mumford & Sons and "Brother Louie" by Stories for #musicmonday

Twitter Apps
I use TweetDeck.  I can see all the people I follow, my mentions, my DMs, keywords I'm following.  There is HootSuite, but I like TweetDeck because you can also add your Facebook, Linked In, and other Social Media all in one place.  And if you have several Twitter accounts or Facebook accounts you can keep it all organized there.

If you have any suggestions please comment. I love to learn and do so constantly, but for those of you new to Twitter or thinking about joining I hope this helped.

Much Love,

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