Monday, May 9, 2011

How To: 5 for Branding

Quick Note: If you don't want to read the last post, What Did Joseph Think, I understand, the sum up is that I have a new job!  However, I'm not giving up on my current business, so if you have a calculator or know how to count on fingers and toes, that is two jobs.  I might have to modify my schedule on here, but there will be one.

1. What is your purpose in branding?

Why are you starting a blog, why are you starting a business, or side project?  There has to be reason to do it, and passion to sustain you.  To be fair when I started this blog I had lots of time, through a series of life changes I have slowly lost that time.  However, learn from my failings and do better, but please have purpose.

2. Create a Name

If you want your name to be your brand, then congratulations you are already done.  However, if it is a blog or business then you need to come up with a unique name.

3. Grab all the Web Real Estate You Can

Once you've determined your name, now you need to see if that name is available.  You can look up on google, or on a WhoIs Look Up, which will tell you if the name is available.  DO NOT look up on GoDaddy or Network Solutions.  Once they know someone is interested they can jump the price up.

From there I suggest going after social media.  You'll want your name on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, Blogger, etc. Whatever can have your name you want to grab it on the social media's while you can.

4. Invest in a good social media control panel. 

I know Twitter bought TweetDeck, but I still recommend it.  Except for your blog posts it is one application for all your social media.  However if you are not going to keep up with your social media don't do it.  People are let down by dates that are more than two weeks old.  If they see inconsistency it worries them and their trust in you is shaky.

5. Have Fun.

The whole purpose of this is to grow yourself or business, and you need to enjoy it.  If you hate it, then why bother?  Sure it can get a little straining at times, but that's to be expected.  So have fun and enjoy.

One Track Mind, One Track Heart
by: Marina & the Diamonds

Much Love,

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