Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am what most would consider to be a very passionate person.  I entrench myself in whatever subject has meaning to me.

Like the Titanic when I was in the fourth grade when my dad had bought me Dr. Robert Ballard's book, and I just couldn't get enough. (I even created a group in my 4th grade class so that we could study it more.)

Or Lucille Ball I have nearly every biography of her and a ridiculous amount of memorabilia.

Or the X-Files. I know the names to all episodes and even years later can tell you more facts than you care to know.

The point is that when I get on a subject I learn all I can, but as is the point of this post, I don't stop there.  I share it.

You can ask my dear friend, Shas, (who by the way found out she is having a boy!) who sat through bus rides and high school every Monday morning listening to my re-cap of X-Files.  Or any other passionate issue I had.  My poor family has gotten the brunt of it...

The reason I feel the need to tell you is that my other favorite subject (after Jesus) is politics.  I can't stand by anymore with what is happening and if I'm going to be honest about it I will tell you what I'm doing.  I don't expect you to agree with what I say on politics, but I hope whatever position you take that you too will be prompted to move.  That is my purpose.

Although I know snippets about such things as One Tree Hill, Glee, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent will probably make an appearance as well.  So you've been warned there too.

No worries guys. Most of my posting will be devotionals, but my passion just won't let me remain silent, and so I share.  Although if you ask Shas I'm sure she'll tell you I was quite entertaining about my X-Files re-cap. 

Much Love,

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