Monday, May 16, 2011

How To: Quick SEO Breakdown Part I

This post is for those of you not familiar with how websites work or how does Google display your site.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  So what does that mean?  When you type into Google, 'green necklace' a list of websites come up, all selling green necklaces. (Hopefully)

How man websites do you click through to find a green necklace?  Most people, the first five.  If you are in search of something specific, the first page.

Now think how many jewelry and costume jewelry stores there are.  More than ten right?  So how do those stores make sure they are on the first page and in the top spots?  SEO.


What you enter in Google to search on is a keyword.  Believe it or not all SEO revolves around keywords, the right keywords.

There are many approaches to this, but the one I've found works best is knowing what you want to be most known for.  Cookie recipes? Green Necklaces?  Light bulb dog collars?  Whatever it is when people say or see that keyword it should be synonymous with you.  Once that one keyword is established pick four other keyword runner ups (hey, they did their best) and you've established a goal.

There will be more next week, but I'll let you digest this, or dismiss it if you already know it.

by Armchair Cynics

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TopherBricks said...

Kelli, great job of breaking down SEO really simply and explaining on a basic level. It shows you have a real understanding of SEO Services. Good article!