Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Being Pretty

Before bathing suit season fully commences, and women's self esteem plummets because of the dread swimming attire I thought I would address the being pretty attitude.

If you feel ugly or fat there is nothing I can type here that will change your opinion. However, there is One who can: Jesus. I want you to understand that God will always require our cooperation when He is doing something in our lives. So, please, never think that if you pray for Jesus to make you thin you are suddenly going to be thin.

Quick Tangent: Being thin does not automatically make you beautiful.

Did you know God created you? When you hate the way you look or hate on yourself you are hating on a creation God made. Now this is nothing against plastic surgery, at all, but I find it sad when a seven year old girl needs surgery on her ears because the bullying is out of hand. I get how important looks are in this world, but if you are doing surgery to change your life, then I think you need to re-look at why you are doing it.

No matter what state your body is in I fully believe (and see) where telling it that it is beautiful is beneficial. You may feel like the fattest blob this side of the century, but if you wake up every day, and tell yourself you're beautiful, you will start to believe it. What's even better you will start to act it. What you believe about yourself is what determines your choice. Remember you are the daughter of the King! He created you and He thinks you're beautiful! SO BELIEVE IT!

You Are So Beautiful
by Joe Cocker

Much Love,

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