Monday, May 23, 2011

How To: SEO Part II

SEO Content:

Content is what you say, and more importantly, how you say it. Not only does what you what you write need to be keyword rich, but it needs to make sense, and be concise.

Side Note: For the love of Pete, do NOT put keywords in a jumble then make it white. Google is on to you and will ping you for this.

Think about you as a reader and what you'll invest in reading, or more precise the person who hates reading, and that is who you should keep in mind as your audience. Content, and how you say it really does matter.

If you are a bad writer, pay someone. Most people leave within thirty seconds of arriving at your site. You can help keep them there by having something interesting to say. Make sure your content is both what they are looking for and engaging. You'll retain your viewers, and hopefully have them click on something besides the back button.

A great site to look at this is CommXTech.

Any questions please ask.

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