Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26: Some Good Fun

Hello love,

How are you doing today?  I am, doing better.  I had to share this story with you really quickly, because even four days later I'm still laughing.

As you may know I am the 2nd-5th Grade Sunday School teacher at my church.  This was an exchange on Sunday morning:

Male 2nd Grader:  "Last night we watched 'whores'."
Me (trying to keep eyes from bugging out): "You watched what?...
Male 2nd Grader (talking as if I were stupid): " 'Whores' they went through this room and there were rats everywhere."
Me (very confused): Oh, well...
Male 5th Grader Interrupting: "He means 'Horders'.  They were cleaning the room and there were lots of rats."
Me (very relieved): "Oh, yes, hoarders, that is some nasty stuff huh?"

Thank goodness for that 5th Grader.  I knew the 2nd Grader didn't mean what he said, but for the life of me I couldn't figure it out.

Now for something older, fun, and cool:

I'll Be Seeing You
by Frank Sinatra

Much Love,

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