Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2: Restart

Let's be honest here, in fact I'm going to really confess a few things about myself, so that you, the reader, know who you are dealing with.

For one thing I'm a worrier.  Always have been.  I'm quite good at it.  Another thing is that I don't trust people as a general rule.  I've been very hurt in the past and it makes it hard to open up and be vulnerable.  And finally I don't want to be known as foolish, a fool.  From the very core of my being it bothers me to think I was duped and that if I had just been smarter I could've prevented what happened.

So, when trusting God it requires me to go against all three of those instincts.  I can't be a worrier because I have to trust God.  I have to be vulnerable and open my heart to God and believe that He has my best interest at heart.  Finally, if I believe God will answer something (at a specific time) and doesn't then I look foolish and quite frankly feel foolish for believing that He would, and I can't think that way if I truly trust God. 

However, as I've been stating on here for over a year I not only need to trust God I HAVE to.  I tried it a few weeks ago, but with schedule, sickness, and other issues blogging about it has been tough.  So, I'm going to give it a re-start and do it again for this year.

To truly put myself out there I will tell you what it is I'm praying for, what I'm believing God for this week:
  • That my financial situation will be answered this week and taken care.  I don't care how God does it, I want to give Him the glory for it, so I have to trust that He will take care of me and what is going on.
  • That this week will be a good week and that the goals we have set forth for the business will be done.
I realize there are only two goals, but the first one is MAJOR.  It is the reason I'm worrying right now and why I have to stop.  Enough of this, it is time for a re-start.  A new year is a great start.  And yes, I will fail on days, perhaps weeks or even a month, but I will come back.  I hope that if you have a goal or resolution for the year that you and I can do this together.  That you will know that you are not alone.  And that you too can re-start.

Much Love,

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