Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20: A Case for Twitter

Before I get to Twitter I just want to encourage you to do something spontaneous.  I did last night and had a great time!  L., wanted to go to the movies, but none of her friends were available, and I thought why not?  So I told her I would go with her and then our sister, A. wanted to go too so we went to the theater and saw The Green Hornet.

We were still laughing when we came out of the theater and even though I only got five hours of sleep it was worth the fun.  So, you don't have to do anything extreme, just do something out of the ordinary I bet that you'll have a happy boost after that.

Now on to my thoughts on Twitter:

I believe that Facebook is great to keep up with friends and family.  However, when I want news, great content, fun content, and to meet interesting people I choose Twitter. I have several instances where I could tell you how much I like Twitter, but I wanted to share today's fun.

I was listening to Pandora, which I do when I don't want to pick out the songs I want to hear.  Today they played this incredible version of 'Black Hole Sun' by the Section Quartet.

I tweeted, Listening to Black Hole Sun by the Section Quartet . It is less depressing ominous without the lyrics, but still keeps the darker vibe.

I got this tweet soon after, from @sectionquartet We love Black Hole Sun too! It's always a challenge to play live. Won't you please follow us?

I, of course responded, You bet. Your sound is unique and we like that.

And I got this in return, Well then, thank you very, very much!

You don't get that on Facebook or LinkedIn.

That is just one story from many twitter stories and why I like it so very much.

Black Hole Sun
by Section Quartet

Much Love,
Kelli (@rstrdsunshine)

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