Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 21: It Never Occurred to Me

Something occurred to me last night and I had to sit back and ponder it for a few minutes.  Now this thought wasn't new, in fact, it came to me when I started watching Sons of Anarchy with L.  It came back when I was trying to find out why Royal Pains was the only show on USA I didn't watch.  Alas I came to a conclusion and so I thought I would get your opinion on it.

I do not like medical dramas.  Except for that time when I watched ER for the first couple of seasons I don't watch medical dramas (fake ones, real ones on the other hand seem to fascinate me.)

I do like crime dramas, dramedies, and comedies.  For example this is a list of said crime shows that I watch when in season:

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
White Collar
The Closer
Rizzoli & Isles
CSI: New York
In Plain Sight
The Glades
Bones (only on reruns though)
Fairly Legal (which is about the law)
Drop Dead Diva (legal)

Then we have the spy game:
Burn Notice
Covert Affairs

And the Etc of TV:
One Tree Hill
The Big Bang Theory
Mike & Molly
The Office
Top Chef
Tabatha's Salon Take Over

All of that to say man do I watch a lot of television, and I like to see people get justice.  That doesn't always happen in real life with a nice neat bow so these shows help with that.  Beyond that though I wonder if you could do a profile based on what I like to watch.  What would your TV shows say about you?

Just for fun: some music.

Little Willy
by Sweet

Much Love,

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