Saturday, January 1, 2011

Getting Inspiration

I consider myself to be a pretty creative and hard working person, however there are times when I'm feeling lazy or I need some inspiration to get up, get back to work, and do better than I was doing before.  When those times come I have a few things I fall back on.  So, since this is a new year and I do have a goal in mind with this blog (write nearly every day - allowing for vacation and sick days) I want to share my inspiration to think of those things that might inspire you.


Working Girl: I watch this movie for several reasons, but as someone who is in business it reminds me to stay true to myself, take calculated risks, work hard, and don't take the whole thing so seriously.

It is a great story about a woman who is trying to make a difference in her life, has to worry about people who are trying to sabotage her, and the chance for a great romance.  I'm certainly trying to make a difference in my life and I'm looking for success. I don't know of anyone who has ever set out to sabotage me, but I do know people who have been critical of my ideas or dreams simply because it is something they've never done before or didn't come up with the idea themselves.  It's the romance part I'm working on.

If you want a great go-get them movie with a great little side romance I fully suggest this movie.

Secret of My Success:

Now this movie for me is pure business fun.  Michael J. Fox's energy in this movie is something I too want to rival.  Someone who is dedicated to his dream and goals.  It is funny such a great inspiration for me when I need it for my company. 

If you need some inspiration for whatever your big goal is then this is the movie for you.  On a really personal note this reminds me of my daddy.  Like the character he too is from Kansas and the business I work so hard for is his dream.  Another big reason this movie inspires me.


Veronica Mars - Season 1:

There is no other TV show or character that can make me feel lazy and inspire me to work harder than Veronica Mars.  I watch this show when I need a little extra help feeling ambitious.  The relationship she has with her dad is great and the mystery in this is just perfect. 

If you haven't seen this show find it on hulu or borrow from a friend.  It needs to be watched just because it is fantastic, and the inspiration is just icing on this most fun and delicious TV cake.


I think by now you know my addiction to music, but when I need inspiration I listen to these songs:

Solsbury Hill
by Peter Gabriel

I don't think I can describe all the reasons I love this song or the feels it invokes, but if I had a city mix this song would be there.  Being different and going after the unusual.  That is what I feel when I hear this song.

Defying Gravity
Lea Michele & Chris Colfer

Although I love Wicked's version (it was the original) when I heard this on Glee... it became an instant favorite and go to for trying new things and going after dreams.

Moving On Up
by Third Day

Talk about relying on the one true source of power.  I use this song when it has been kind of tough and I need a reminder that my life will not stay in this place.

Eye of the Tiger
by Survivor

Classic.  I don't know many people who don't have this one, but it has been go-to for me for nearly all my life.  Seriously greatness.

Fashion & Fun:

Now there are times when I don't want to do my hair, I don't want to dress in anything but sweats, and I really don't care about my appearance, even though I know I should.  I think we all have that celebrity or person in our lives that looks incredible every time we see them. 

For my real-life person I have a friend I'll call Chas (not to be confused with Shas - she's great but I know that girl loves her sweats).  Chas has the cutest outfits and every time I see her I remember how much I like her style.  If I had a picture I could share of her I would.

However, I do have a celebrity that I really like, and that is Bethany Joy Galeotti.  I follow her blog, and twitter.  I also really like her character on One Tree Hill.  So, when I need another dose of Get-Your-Butt-Up-And-Blow-Dry-That-Hair!  I go to One Tree Hill Style.

And now I'm going to brace myself, blow dry my hair, and go to Sam Moon so I can get a new hat for the new year.  On Tuesday I'm getting my hair cut and hopefully a brand new style.

Have a wonderful new year everyone and I hope you guys have a great, successful, inspirational, and blessed new year!

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