Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 15: Careful Consideration

I have a big project that I've been stirring up in my brain and I have been considering what to do with this blog as a result of the other project.  Do I keep it as a personal blog of all the things that I'm going through, or do I leave it?

Well I'm not leaving it.  Restored Sunshine has a purpose.  I'm just not sure what that purpose is quite yet.  I know it will be a safe place for those who are looking for a place that doesn't care what they look like, how much money they make, what abilities they have or don't.  This is a safe place of no judgement.  And think that to have my own corner of it is important.

Having said that it leaves me with the question then of what I should do with it.  How can I make this blog into what I want it to do.  And, more importantly, find the time.  Much like my nail biting habit my other habits are hard to give up.

Having said that though, I am changing.  My desire to not worry, to give it over to God, is sometimes an hourly struggle, but He is winning.  He will win.  And so I'm not really worried about this space, the right thing will come to me and this blog will be what it was always intended to be: a safe place.

With that in mind, my musical heart needs to play this song for you:

Working My Way Back to You
by Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons

Much Love,

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