Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19: Getting Healthier

By my photos and posts I think you can tell I am NOT an authority on weight loss or extremely healthy eating.  However, I do care about my health.  I try to keep my portions small and eat what I should with what I will eat.  The part that remains elusive for me, the part I give up the quickest and most willingly is exercise. This is usually do to three factors: time, boredom, and money. 

With time it isn't so much that I don't have 30 minutes here or 15 minutes there.  It is that I have the moments at weird times and not the extra time to go to a gym or to a park to walk.  However, I do have an elliptical so that helps.

However, then we go into the second issue: boredom. I can get bored easily.  I'm okay with anything until I have had too much or I know the routine too well.  Then it becomes boring to me and I have to move on.  So, sometimes the thought of actually doing the elliptical, again, makes me cringe.

Finally, and this is what keeps me from buying a ton of work out videos or equipment: money.  I just don't have any.

So, I need something that will help me with time, boredom, and money.  I happen to be looking more closely these days as I'm trying to get more healthy.  I don't want the health problems that my parents are starting to experience.  What I've found today gives me hope and I hope it will for you.

The first is this article on the Kettlebell.  Odd little device, but it is suppose double the calorie burning you do when you use it with your normal routines. Such as burning 300 calories in 15 minutes.  So that takes care of money and time for me.

Then today they had a video from North Texas about Boot Camps for Beginners.  I know that sometimes going to an actual gym is intimidating if you are really over-weight because you feel like you are being judged.  So, a safe place to do Boot Camp and it is for beginners?  That takes care of boredom. 

I'll tell you in the coming days what I plan to do, and if I get some extra money I'm buying that kettlebell.

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