Friday, October 22, 2010

Well That Was Weird

Normally my Fridays are very, shall we say, uneventful.  Today however, was not that kind of Friday.  Sure it started out that way, but at about 11:45 it all changed.  I had a client decide he was coming to my office to drop off a CD to me.  Now, I'm in the tech world, there have been very few times in my eleven years of working here that we've had clients come to the office.  So, for about thirty minutes I scrambled like a mad woman to clean my office and the other offices.

All turned out well, but then between all of that I had a ton of phone calls and several support issues to take care of.  Just weird.  Nice, I like being busy, but weird.

Meanwhile I need to get a picture of my little man.  He got shaved yesterday and he is so downright cute when he is shaved. 

Well not much, just enjoying the weekend.

Here is an old Halloween hit for you to enjoy:

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