Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting Ready for Halloween

So at the ripe ole age of near 30 I no longer go Trick or Treating.  However, I do run a booth at my church's annual Fall Festival.  This year I would like to do something fun and different.  (I believe this is my theme of the moment.)  So I thought I would dress up just a little bit more than my normal jeans and a t-shirt outfit I usually wear to the festival.

1. A smokey eye - which I have never done.
2. Let my baby sister do some of her cool/bright eye make up
3. Zombie.

Just kidding on that last one.  Inappropriate.  Funny, but inappropriate.  I'll probably go w/ #2 if I can get my baby sister to do it (she actually gets to go to a party).

If you have any tips or suggestions, feel free to leave them.  They would be much appreciated.

So not much today.  I'm feeling kind of irritated and feisty.  I dont' know about you, but when I'm in that sort of mood its best I not say anything.  My mouth gets me into trouble faster than anything I know.

Meanwhile I picked my sister up yesterday and this song was playing.  And I thought what a great song for my 'I Love You for You' Magazine. 

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