Monday, October 18, 2010

Taking Out the Trash

That's not metaphorical.

This is what I mean:

Now a few things to know:

1. Please do not think that Cherry Coke was drank in one setting, or two, or even three.  It's just cheaper to buy it in 2 liter form than in cans or bottles.

2. I do need kleenex.  Badly.  Napkins are rough.

3. I did have Taco Bell for lunch.  It was yummy.

4. I have a hard time remembering I need to take it out.  -- This is not a snobby issue in that I think I'm too good for it.  It's a I really do forget and it doesn't bother me issue, which on some level might be worse.

5. I did actually pull it out of the can and tie it up.  It's taking it to the trash outside where I lack follow-through.

6. I did use an entire post to show you this.

7. Tonight is Mike & Molly on CBS at 8:30 CST.  I really like this show.

8. I'm listening to Deep Purple today.  This video:

9. Lunch break is almost over.

What's sad is that from numbers 7-9 I did forget about the trash.

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