Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Weekend

I first want to say I hope you all have a very safe weekend.  Second I hope you have one full of delicious treats.

Tonight I'm meeting up with friends for dinner, it should be fun.  Then tomorrow night I did decide to go to the dance.  It should be lots of fun and I'm so ready for something different.  On Sunday I have the Fall Festival and my baby sister, A., said she would do my make up so that should be fun. If I remember I'll take pictures.  I'm the worst at remembering to take them though.

I want to try the smokey eye for tomorrow, but I don't trust myself.  I also want to curl my hair and do some big hair but we'll see if I have the time.  I have lots to do before I go out.  I'm still debating if I should get my Sunday school class breakfast even though they didn't memorize their verses like they were suppose to.  On one hand it teaches them a lesson, but on the other hand they are just kids and I want to inject some fun... who knows.

So I will leave you with my favorite Halloween song of all time!

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