Thursday, October 28, 2010

Slash & Okra Pickles

Two great things.  You can even eat the okra while you listen to Slash, unless of course you try to sing along to the song in which case eating okra probably isn't a good idea.

For those not familiar with it Okra Pickles are pickled okra.  And they are fabulous.  Many people have told me that sounds disgusting and I have converted them to lovers of it.  Now you might have the power to resist, but you are one of the few.

So a dear friend of mine, MetroMommy, invited me to a Halloween dance on Saturday night.  There are only two things stopping me:

1. I don't have a costume (you don't need one, but it is a costume party)
2. I'm single.

The second one probably bothers me the most.  Mainly because I don't want to feel like a third, fifth, seventh wheel.  Whatever the number turns out being I'll still be the odd man out. 

On the other hand this is something I've never done before and something that sounds like a lot of fun.  So this is where I'm stuck.

Don't worry I didn't forget about Slash.

Here's his song with Fergie:  Such greatness.


beene31 said...

1. Pickled okra is gross...fried okra is delectable.

2. You should go to the party! You will be missing out on all the "fifth wheel" guys that were talked into going to the party.

Kelli said...

Fried okra is delectable, but pickled okra is delightful. And I'm so going to the party. Just trying to decide what I want to wear. ;)