Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello All!

So much to get to today! First a shout out to Morty who gave me a thumbs up on my musical selection last week. I though it was awesome too. :D On that note I have another list you might be interested in. Since one of my favorite people in the world was born in 1980 (hello Shasta!) here are the
Top Ten Songs from 1980. Almost thirty years.... yes, it has been that long. I can't argue with number one song though...

So, Friday was fun. We went to watch Andi play N. Crowley, in Ft.Worth on that night. We determined there must have been a police convention there because we had never seen so many cop cars in one place. There were a lot of people there too. We joked that we would have to leave early just so we could get back to the truck before they closed up. Well we did end up leaving early but it really had nothing to do with where we were parked.

As you know bleachers are not known for comfort or room, but everyone tries to make allowances for that and be more curtious to each other. Not so on Friday. The place was packed on our side, which is really kind of unusual for an away game, but none the less we found a bench where the seating was Lora, Mom, Me, and Dad at the end.

Well this woman came and sat down behind us and decided her knee fit nicely between Mom and myself. So, Mom scooted closer to Lora and I scooted closer to Dad. Turns out that this was not enough space either for the woman as she continued to poke us with different body parts, and then swung her blanket around hitting us in the head. Never apologizing once! Then, thankfully not to me, but to poor Mom, decided that she was ready to get into the spirit of the football game and yell as loud as she could in my mother's ear. (It was for our team, but her timing was off and ended up being yelled when the other team took the field.)

So, we watched the half time show, where Andi did well AND caught her rifle, but left once the 4th quarter started. (Turns out it was a good thing the cops were there as someone got arrested in the parking lot when we were trying to leave.)

The weekend was nice as well especially because Grandpa W. and Arlene were able to come join us on Sunday and then took us out to lunch. Yum!

Now, yesterday I went to my first protest. We were protesting protesters actually. You can read the article
here. You can even see video, and I looked, thankfully you can't see me either. (I was on the for prayer side.) I have been living with fear since I've come back, and it has nearly crippled me emotionally. I can't really explain it but I second guess everything and I'm terrified to do anything. As most of you know I'm usually a very forthright, honest, bold, and face fear kind of person, but I haven't been that way for nearly two months now.

I know God did not give me a spirit of fear, and I pray about it to Him because I can't seem to get past it. Yesterday was a prime example of that fear. I wanted to go, knew I should, but I was afraid to go and be alone. So as the minutes were ticking by I prayed and asked God to help me with that fear. So I stood up and went to talk to my dad. He said well why don't you go, see if you can see anyone, and if you don't come back. That put me at ease so I did just that.

I saw Mrs. Pat H. and stayed. There was also a few others that I talked with. It was fun. There were far mor of us than the other side. Plus it progressed like I think any good Christian get together does: There was some praying, singing, and people in groups chit chating, all while holding signs and having fun. The only thing not present was the food, but that's okay.

All in all it was a good experience and I'm slowly coming back to my old self again. Now, for someone who's boldness still inspires me I thought this article on
Kirk Cameron was really good.

Meanwhile I have much more talk about, but I don't want to make this any longer. So I'll go but visit my blog and I promise more goodies. Well, stuff I like anyway.

I hope you all have a fabulous week!

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