Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Beginnings

Hello Everyone!

I'm finally back to a schedule where I'm actually doing something, which as we all know is exactly where I like it. Thursday was Ladies Fellowship, which was wonderful. We had it at Nicki's. I'll give a thumbs up to the manicotti, of which I ate the whole thing. I was hungry and that stuff was good!

Friday I hung out with good friends at On the Border, where William, tried to share his dinner with me. It was a really sweet gesture and had I not been dressed up I probably would've taken it easier. However, all was fine and Shasta got used to me sitting in her lap. Plus William is too cute not to be a little flattered when he tries to share. He really is adorable.

Then Saturday I stayed in my pajamas. All day. And forced some to watch The Love Saga, which starts with Love Comes Softly. However, that is not where we started watching them. They started with Love's Abiding Joy, which is the fourth movie in the series. Oh well. And yes, Lora made fun of me, and I think my dad left for parts unknown, but I had a good time.

Then Sunday was a very nice day. I finally saw the movies, Valley Girl, go Nicolas Cage, and then Yes Man with Jim Carrey. Both were great and for reasons all their own. I enjoyed it greatly. Both fed into my 80s music fix.

Now if I could stop this pressing need to have a Coke Float every night that would be great. I'm sure I'll be sick of it soon, but you know how cravings are. Meanwhile yesterday I thought I would scare those around me when I went to Panara (a promise to Andi) and they had Creamy Tomato.... yum.... bread bowl.... sorry I had a Homer Simpson moment there.

Lora, Andi, and I went and saw (500) Days of Summer. For those old enough I loved it. Quirky, bittersweet, and very funny. Be sure to be there for the opening so you can read the author's notes. They set the tone for the movie. I also found out that based on the quiz, Which Dead Rocker Are You, that I was Jerry Garcia. I laughed, but hey, its cool. :D

Well I hope for all you that this week brings many great surprises (I know I'm crossing my fingers). Have a blessed week and please keep me in your prayers. I have some big decisions on my plate and although none of them are very urgent, I still need to know which direction to go in.

PS: Anyone else excited about the DIVAS concert on VH1 or that Kelly Clarkson and Adele are going to be doing a duet together? No? Just me?... Well you should be excited because that is awesome news!

Oh, and if you need a little pick me up as far as news go this should really warm your heart, no really, a very sweet story of
Kaleb Eulls
Much Blessings,

~ Kelli

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