Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Good Are Out There

You may have thought my story on Kaleb Eulls was just a one trick pony. And for a while I did too, but I am happy to report that as of today it is not just the only good news out there. While Thamail Morgan's story may not be as life threatening as Kaleb's was, but it is no less heroic.

There is something that seems to resonate in all of us when someone takes the second chance offered and runs with it. It reminds us that we all need a second chance (and some of us more than two), and how people really can learn from their mistakes and go on to bigger and better things slightly wiser than when they started. You can read what I'm waxing poetic about
here. The best part is, he's a football player. I'm not sure if that excites me because I follow football more than any other sport or because I'm from Texas and you know how we love our football. I'll let you speculate.

Meanwhile, I celebrated my own milestone today. My beautiful car (even though slightly dented thanks to someone who thought the Stop sign was just a suggestion) hit 90,000 miles today. At ten years of age she is still a great machine and when I do move onto another vehicle I will miss this car.

Also tonight I have a jewelry party and I'm setting my sights on not buying anything. After all I really don't have the money, but if they have a tricked out ring that engulfs two fingers I may be tempted. If such a ring exists and I buy it I'll post photos.

So enjoy watching The Office and Project Runway tonight. I know I'll be looking at them online tomorrow.

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