Thursday, September 10, 2009

Feeling A Few Drops on this Sunny Day

What a day! It's been some what of a roller coaster and I don't know if it is even over yet! So, what has happened you may ask? Well this morning I woke up to see a Facebook message from a friend who says their company is hiring! Yay! So I applied online, but you know how it is in our instant society. I haven't heard anything yet....

Here at my volunteer job our mini fridge went out! I have Miracle Whip in there!! The problem is the replacement is $125, which is money we really don't have to spare... So I have no idea what we're going to be doing. It really kinda stinks.

However, I got a call from a person in my church who has invited me with a bunch of other "old people" as he put it to go to a concert. I'm excited about it. Sure it cost $22 AND we will be having lunch, but it should be a good time. These people are awesome!

The only other issue I'm having is I haven't had a pedicure in two months and my toes are...
well lets just say I really need one. I have the one toe in which I'm not sure how you would classify the toenail as whatever grew back after I had it removed is not normal. So the polish looks great on it, but the others are either gone, chipped, or you wonder if I know my toes look like that.

However, after searching on the web today I know I need to recreate these Caramel Apple Cream Cheese Cookie Bars. I'm excited that Lawrence Beamen on America's Got Talent has made it through to the final. I did not vote 10 times for him not to make it.

And does anyone else think that Bryan Voltaggio on Top Chef: Las Vegas resemble Jason Dohring from such fine shows as Veronica Mars? Or is that just me. Every time I watch him I just see Logan... I can't help it. Not to mention is sibling rivalry with brother Mike. Oh so fun to watch!

Tonight of course is Project Runway and when prime time finally starts up again I can get back to watching the Office. Jim and Pam for the win... or Dwangela. I still hold out for that happy ending.

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