Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Did you have a wonderful Christmas? I did. I feel overwhelmingly blessed by it. My dad and I drove to Kansas on Christmas morning and then drove back on Monday getting back at about 8:00, as I had to work this week. However, hearing my grandpa say it was one of the best Christmas he has ever had was certainly worth it.

Which leads me to:

  1. 3 Day Weekends. Aren't they wonderful? I start my new work schedule next week: Tuesday through Saturday, so I won't have many of them for the next few months, but I will so enjoy this one.
  2. Family. Because they understand. In Kansas I got to see some cousins I haven't seen in years. We ended up discussing Grandma's food and all of us mentioned her Waldorf salad. (She always took the celery out for me.) And her friend chicken. It was so nice to talk with them and know they knew how awesome she was.
  3. Presents. I love giving and receiving them, and I especially love when I get some extra cash that I can actually use to go shopping. Which I will be doing Saturday. Hopefully. Can't wait!
Oh, I'm also on Pinterest, if you want to find me: kelli_restored.

I so enjoy this song. My favorite line is "I've been 'Yes' and I've been 'Oh Hell No'" Cause I have:

Save Me San Francisco
by: Train

Much Love,

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