Friday, December 30, 2011


A few months ago I posted about my sister, Lora, and now it is Melissa's turn. Melissa is my second  sister, and from the moment she was born I was in love with her.  She was so patient and very smart as I had to teach her everything I learned while in school.

(This is Melissa and Grandpa W.)

She left us after she graduated high school to the rocky mountains, and has stayed there since. Still as smart as ever. I still remember when I helped her move into her dorm room.  In Kansas we saw a dirt tornado that I have never seen duplicated.  Good memories.

Her love and passion for music is certainly something I share, but perhaps not our taste.  However, there are a few we do agree on: Placebo and Mumford and Sons. There might be more, but Melissa's a dancer and I have two left feet.

Her ability to calmly argue with anyone on anything is remarkable. She is always funny, and has a unique outlook on the world and the way it works.  But like her Twitter describes her, she is a slow driver, but her commentary while driving makes up for it.  You should hear it sometime.

Always an original, and following her path with Christ Melissa is unlike anyone I have ever met or known. I'm blessed to have her as my sister and I pray that her burdens be light.

So for a song she introduced me to:

The New Sound
by: The Capricorns

Much Love to Melissa,
From Kelli

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