Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

A little late today, but I'm here.
Does anyone else watch Sons of Anarchy? Was that finale not phenomenal? My goodness!! Season 3's finale is still my favorite, but Season 4 just blew me away.
Okay, back to what I'm thankful for:
  1. My ears. I've been sick this week, and have had a tough time breathing, and nothing makes appreciate the norm like not having it. However, when I got a little spastic about my car not recognizing the new song on my USB I realized  how thankful I am for my ears. And the Broadway channel on XM.
  2. My parents. Awe... I know. Honestly though I really do have amazing parents. Still married, in love, driving each other nuts and giggling about it, loving me and my sisters beyond reason, and going out of their way to ensure a good life for us. I am more than blessed with these two.

    (Back Row R-L: Lora, Me, Dad, Mom  Front Row R-L: Melissa, Andi)
  3. Jesus. Sometimes I get carried away with life. Sometimes I get caught up with the have nots, and hard pathway, and then I remember the joy that comes from knowing Christ. The peace, the love, the joy, the compassion, the grace, the healing, the help, the favor... and I remember why this man changed my life. And why I've dedicated my life to following him.
So what song was I having a cow about? It is a cover of "House of the Rising Sun", but the lyrics have been changed for Tara/Jax on Sons of Anarchy and done from Tara's point of view.  Just phenomenal, and I hope you take a listen:

House of the Rising Sun
by: The White Buffalo & The Forest Rangers

Much Love,

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    Jacki said...

    Kelli, you are so awesome!!! I love you to pieces..have been reading your posts and you are an inspiration..sure wish more people would take the time to come and see the age old wisdom brought forth by such a beautiful you mind!! You ROCK!!!!!